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Nicky asks:
What is the cause when the hair is broken in places? What should I do?

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
If your hair is breaking it can mean there is a certain amount of weakened parts which need addressing, this can be put right using the right sort of products Wella SP has a wide range of products to support such cases.

Carly Smalley asks:
I have a lot of frizzy curly hair, that is dyed dark brown. I asked a stylist and they said if I wanted it highlighting my hair would go orange? Is this true? And if it is, is there any way around it?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
It all depends on what products you have actually put on your hair already, and what condition your hair is. Go to a salon and have a consultation with the colour technican and please take their advice. Good Luck

Lisa asks:
I had my hair permed about 4 months ago and its still really curly, Im getting bored of my the curls but I dont want to lose them can I straighten my hair with straigtners without risking losing the curl I had before?

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
Yes Lisa you can use straightners without taking the curl out permantly. Please use a protective heat product on your hair prior to the staightners.

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