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Shyam asks:
When ever I grow my hair it becomes curly, is there any other thing which can straighten my hair. I have seen my friends who have straightened their hair and their hair has become unhealthy, is it so. Please suggest for me after straightening my hair what kind of hair style should I have!

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
There are certain things you can do to make maintaining your hair easier. I would never recommend chemically straightening though from my experience the chemicals in them are very strong and quite damaging to your hair. If you do straighten your hair quite often it will become dry and split ends will appear. Split ends are unavoidable but can be kept to a minimum by getting your end trimmed about every 6-weeks. A good product for protecting hair when straightening is the Infratreat oil that you can buy on the site, this will protect your hair from the heat of your straighteners. If your are struggling for a style I would go to a reputable salon and ask for their advice as they will be able to determine suitability for your face shape and to suit your lifestyle.

Avanti asks:
What ingredient in shampoo or conditioner makes hair shiny?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Generally, hair shines when it is clean and in good condition. When the cuticle scales on the surface of the hair are intact and laying flat against each other the surface is very smooth and light is easily reflected off it. So the best way to have shiny hair is to make sure that it is in good condition. More specifically, the main types of ingredients in shampoos and conditioners that increase hair shine are silicones such as Dimethicone. Some products with high levels of silicone can, however, build up on the hair and cause it to feel heavy and possibly interfere with chemical processing so do not use them continually.

Grant asks:
I am a guy and have very thick, dry, short dark hair. Because its so thick I have trouble styling it. My face is neither long or round and I want a style easy to achieve with short-medium length hair. Any suggestions?

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
Products always help with dry hair, a cream, wax or serum will take away that fluffy big dry look that thick hair sometimes becomes. Ask your hairdresser for a choppy texturised cut as this is best for your hair do not go for blunt cuts as this makes your hair look thicker. Even if your hair is short, try using styling irons (mini stylers are perfect for short hair and lots of men use them!) It may seem tedious but it smoothes and flattens thick hair and makes it easy to style with products.

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