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Olive Sammon asks:
I have been dyeing my own hair for years, my hair is dark brown but the dye has turned the ends black. I am getting married at the end of May and would like my hair to look good. My hairdresser said that they would need to strip the colour out of it and put a warm colour on it with a few highlights to lift my hair which has turned lifeless. I do not want to do a lot of damage to my hair, is there an alternative to bleach to get this colour out and how soon will my hair recover.

Michelle GriffinAnswered By:
Michelle Griffin
When a professional colourist strips your hair colour, the product they use is specifically designed to be as gentle and moisturising as possible. If you do not want any more bleach on your hair, then your colourist can use a toner instead to give your hair some warmth and gloss.

Mike asks:
My hair seems to be very dry and fluffy looking, unless I put wax on it. I have straight light hair, and want to grow it slightly long back into curtains from a relatively short French crop style, should I just leave it to grow long or get a slight trim at the hairdresser, I have a problem with a double crown that sticks up. Should I ask my hair stylist to cut my hair if I plan to grow it long at least 8-9 inches.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
To combat dry and fluffy hair treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment once a week to give it moisture boost. Styling products are good at protecting the hair from the environment, so continue to use a wax to style your hair. With regards growing your hair, still visit a hairdresser every 8 weeks to ensure that its cut into a style otherwise it will just look unkempt. With a double crown, it is best to keep the layers longer around that area.

Shyam asks:
When ever I grow my hair it becomes curly, is there any other thing which can straighten my hair. I have seen my friends who have straightened their hair and their hair has become unhealthy, is it so. Please suggest for me after straightening my hair what kind of hair style should I have!

Anthony HollandAnswered By:
Anthony Holland
There are certain things you can do to make maintaining your hair easier. I would never recommend chemically straightening though from my experience the chemicals in them are very strong and quite damaging to your hair. If you do straighten your hair quite often it will become dry and split ends will appear. Split ends are unavoidable but can be kept to a minimum by getting your end trimmed about every 6-weeks. A good product for protecting hair when straightening is the Infratreat oil that you can buy on the site, this will protect your hair from the heat of your straighteners. If your are struggling for a style I would go to a reputable salon and ask for their advice as they will be able to determine suitability for your face shape and to suit your lifestyle.

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