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Kayla asks:
I am 15 and I have, I guess what you would say maybe a punky style. I Just recently got my hair cut short. Maybe a little shorter than shoulder length, with layers, the style I am trying to achieve is, maybe kind-of 80s. I want it to be BIG. I have tried different hairsprays and hair waxes. I have thick and heavy hair and I think a lot of products make my hair even heavier. So if you have any suggestions to what I can to do achieve the style I want it would greatly appreciated.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
The trick is not to overload your hair with products, so it is one product to cleanse, one to condition, one to style plus a spray to finish. Another tip is to tip your hair upside down and par-dry, then, using a large barreled bristle brush and a professional hairdryer (always use a professional hairdryer as this gives much more styling hold), dry hair in 2.5 inch sections teasing hair upwards from root to encourage volume. Its probably best to try and grow your layers down some more so that you can get some root lift too.

Sonette asks:
I bought foam curlers. I have long brown hair, and its always in the same style. I want big LOOSE curl strands. What products, type not brand, should I use, and how do I get that effect?

Lee HolmesAnswered By:
Lee Holmes
Use a styling lotion and not a gel, and then set on the rollers (wet hair) make sure that the rollers are totally dry and cool before removing them and then apply a spray to hold the curls in place.

BLM asks:
I started using a new shampoo and conditioner about a year ago not knowing that they had Keratin in them which I was told was protein. My hair has now started breaking a lot because of it. Does the silk and wheat proteins do the same thing as keratin and can you recommend a good shampoo and conditioner that will help.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Keratin is the protein that hair is made of. The keratin which is used in hair products is either from human hair or from an animal source. Proteins can have good effects on the surface of the hair such as helping to protect it from harmful chemicals or physical trauma. The problem with them is that the molecules they are made of are too large to be able to penetrate into the hair and so their effect is limited. When buying hair products it is better to look for those containing amino acids, these are the particles that proteins are made up of and are very much smaller than protein molecules. This means that they can penetrate deep into the hair and have excellent moisturising and re-structuring effects. To prevent your hair splitting and breaking try the rich, thick cream Trichology shampoo and conditioner these products are rich in amino acids and have an incredible effect on dry hair.

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