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Teresa Reynolds asks:
What product do you recommend to give smooth yet very strong hold for barrel curls for bridal updos?

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
We would always make sure that the hair is blow-dried as smooth as possible before you even begin the curling, that way the smoothness will show in the curl. Use a straightening product such as Iron Finish when you iron the hair sleek, then whilst curling spritz with Air Fix to get a super strong hold that will still be easy to brush out afterwards.

Janette Wells asks:
I am getting married in September abroad (Mauritius) my problem is my face and hair in the heat I sweat a lot and I am worried about makeup - looking too red in the face and shiney and my hair being limp due to the heat and sweat. This is how I was last year in Greece.

The Dream QueensAnswered By:
The Dream Queens
Firstly make sure you use a moisturiser that does not have too much oil in the ingredients as this encourages extra moisture in your skin, then use an oil free foundation and then a matt finish loose powder gently applied to prevent too much shine. Keep a powder close to hand to give yourself a little touch up every now and again. For your hair, the trick is to get as much root lift as possible but without using too many products as this can drag the hair down. Tecni Art Volume Lift is a great product as it gives incredible lift but is still light and supple enough not to make the hair too heavy. A trick is to simply tip your hair upside down, give it a little movement with your fingers and flip it back - your hair will be given instant lift! Also, try not to play with your hair too much, your hands will be hot and sticky and this will effect your hair.

Rachel asks:
I have just bought a stargazer Bleach and peroxide kit so my Mum can bleach my hair at home. 3 months ago I used a Jerome Russell bleach and colour product on my hair, the colour has faded out now but the bleach is obviously still there. This is quite patchy and mainly at the front of my head, I want to bleach it all over now, will the colour thats already in my hair affect this.

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
You must never bleach on top of bleached hair! You need to go to a professional salon and they will be able to sort it out for you. Bleaching hair seriously damages the hair and bleaching on top of this will break and damage the hair further. If you go to a salon they will be able to do a less harsh treatment or introduce highlights in the patches without bleach to tidy the hair up and make the colour more even spread. I would suggest you go for a consultation which are usually offered for free in most salons and they will be able to tell you what your options are. But definitely do not attempt to bleach your hair at home.

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