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Jane asks:
Everytime I have my hair highlighted within a couple of weeks it starts to go green, this has been happening since May 05, I have tried different hairdressers whom never seem to know the answer why this is happening. I donít go swimming and I use Redken products but my hair is very dry and badly damaged. Please could you suggest any answers as to why this is happening

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Richard says
This is a very unusual occurrence - normally I would say visit a different hairdresser for a second opinion but youíve already done this! There must be some chemical conflict with some old bleach that you have in your hair that keeps reacting to the new highlights. It may be that you will need to decide to give your hair a break from highlighting and start to have dark colours added until the blonde has grown out.
Another suggestion is to use blonde hair extensions as these wonít change colour

Krystle asks:
My hair gets greasy very quickly, I have to wash it everday or it looks disgusting.. All my friends only have to wash their hair every couple of days.. I heard that the more you wash you hair it gets more greasy... but if I dont wash it everday it looks dirty.. what can i do??

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Continue to wash your hair every day, Krystle, it will not make it more greasy, this is a myth. If you wash your hair daily you get used to it being so clean and fresh. If you leave it a couple of days you will notice the oil and lack of body more than someone who is used to washing their hair less frequently. Just bear in mind that the models you see advertising hair products on television all have hair similar to yours. Because it is your type of hair which is capable of looking fantastic when it is freshly washed, dryer hair may look ok much of the time but never good enough to promote hair products.

Sarah asks:
I have red hair, but i really want to dye it blonde. If i go to walmart and buy blonde hair dye, do u think it would change my hair color to orange?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Over the counter hair dyes or bleaches have a very low percentage of peroxide. the consequences of this is that they do not lift as well as professional products, I would therefore advise that you go to a salon. The over the counter option would tend to make your hair orangey,

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