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Ursula asks:
I had bleached highlights put in on Sat as I have had previously on numerous occasion but this time there are too many and its too blonde making me look very pale. Which product would you recommend to use to tone them down with a warmer colour?

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
I strongly advise you to go back to the salon and discuss it with them. They should be able to add darker lights to reduce the amount of bleached light they put in, and then tone down the colour with a soft golden blonde toner. This should be done free of charge. If you are not happy - then let them know. If you try to tone this yourself, it wonít last long and may come out patchy. Get back to the salon this week.

Ksenya asks:
I'm naturally a level 6 blonde and have been colouring my hair blonder for well over a decade. My previous colourist used a high lift tint and usually a beige or honey blonde, I very seldom had bleach (perhaps when I was in my teens) but I have recently changed hairdressers and she insists that if I want a crispy blonde look, she will need to put bleach through my hair. I hate this product, it makes my hair dry, straw like and lifeless and a head full of bleach looks very harsh even with my cool skin tone. Is my hairdresser correct or can I insist on no bleach? Also is it possible to have a glossing put on my hair to make it shinier and to seal the highlights?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
You are correct.

If your hair is a base shade 6 then you should have no problem getting a true clean blonde colour. If your hair has natural warmth as an underlying tone then this may impact on your blonde colour result being on the warm side. ...More >

From what you have told me and your past colouring experiences, with high lift blondes, then I see no reason why you would not get a beautiful true blonde colour.

I would stick to a high lift tint application. Then if you want a really icy blonde your hairdresser can apply a post colour toner to decrease any warm tone should it be needed.

Applying a clear gloss after colouring will definitely increase the shine on your hair. The introduction of a gloss will also prolong your colour result as the gloss fills in the gaps in your hairs cuticle scale helping prevent colour fade and giving you a longer lasting colour result.

Some gloss colours also have slight tonal correction properties and are a great way of maintaining the blonde colour you are after while giving you the shine and luminous hair.

Laci asks:
I have unbelievably thick, curly, frizzy, uncontrollable hair. If I stood 5 feet away from a wall my hair would touch it. I just cut it up to my shoulders which is turning out not to be the best idea I ever made. I donít exactly want get rid of the curls but the volume is driving me crazy, The only way I can ever get rid of the volume is to straighten it with a flat iron which gives me split ends and eventually looks worse then before, and doing the blow-drying thing seems to do nothing I've thought about cutting my hair really short and sometimes spiking it or a Mohawk I think thatís what its called. But that would be a little scary, seeing as how I'm only 13 and never have cut my hair that short before in my life. I would not mind having it chemically straightened but I have highlights will that cause a problem. What should I do?

Gina AkersAnswered By:
Gina Akers
The Mohawk style sounds great and could well work for you, you will need to commit to a certain amount of effort with styling but this can be really easy to do. If you are scared that it is too extreme then have a look through hair magazines for examples of softer less dramatic styles that may have a slightly Mohawk look about them but without being too harsh. Visit a local stylist (you can find you nearest at the ĎFind a Saloní section on for some advice before you do anything, they will advise you on how to control your hair as well as options for cuts and styles and what styling may be required. While you are deciding whether or not to go for the Mohawk, the best way to control frizzy unruly hair is to get some condition back into your hair. Try deep conditioning treatments, TIGIís Treat Me Right intensive conditioner will help put the moisture back into your hair, and a leave-in conditioner such as TIGIís Ego Boost will help protect your hair. Leave-in conditioners are great for curly hair as well as conditioning they help to fight frizz at the same time. Whenever possible have a break from using heated appliances. Heat causes immense damage to your hair and using heat less often you will notice the difference in your hairís condition. If your hair has gone frizzy through the day tame your frizz for an evening out with a defining product such as TIGIís Uptight Curl Maker. Shine sprays are an excellent light product to use on your hair to give it a glossy coating, this helps smooth it and deters the dreaded static and frizz, TIGIís Headrush spray smells gorgeous and is long lasting. Curly hair can be great for creating more wild styles and can be tamed into this seasons trendy wavy and curly looks. If you wish to continue straightening your hair ensure you use a heat protective styling product such as TIGIís Extra Extra Straight or TIGIís Control Freak Serum. Proto-col collagen supplements (taken orally) will also help to avoid poor condition of the hair and promote shine. Donít keep going over the same section again and again, itís better to go over it with the straighteners slowly and get it right first time then keep reapply those hot irons to it, causing more damage in the long run.

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