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Alessandra asks:
I have been colouring my hair for a few years now. I dye my hair darker than my natural colour, usually I dye it a very dark brown/black. However, it does not seem to stay! It fades after 4 or 5 washes, even though I am using a colour protect shampoo that stops fade. I had a quasi hair dye put in recently, and just like the permanent dye, it has faded. Do you recommend me getting my hair stripped and start from scratch?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
I do not suggest stripping your hair as this will only cause your hair to become more porous and worsen the situation. I am going to suggest that have your stylist check the porosity as it sounds as though it might be poor, which means that your hair will not retain colour. Just try and give your hair a rest for a while and use good products such as the Alkemi color retention system

Gracie asks:
I have been colouring and highlighting my hair since I was 13. I have no clue as to what my natural colour is, except that it is somewhere between a medium and dark brown. I have always loved playing dress-up with my hair and am constantly changing it. Right now it has platinum blonde, dark blonde, red, and dark brown highlights all through out. But lately I have been getting bored with it all and have been considering going back to one colour, preferably my natural colour (or as close as I can get to it.) Everyone’s telling me not to do it, that it will damage my hair, and I won’t like it. And my colourist says she will not do. That it would be very difficult since I have so many contrasting colours and she does not want to ruin my hair. Is this true? Is there really no way to go back to all one colour besides just letting it grow out? I have been growing my hair long for a couple years now and it is finally at a length that I love. It would take forever to let the colour grow out and I am NOT going to cut it. But I also do not want to completely damage it by being stubborn and doing something to it that everyone is telling me not to do! I do not care how much it would cost, I would be willing to pay just about anything... is there ANY way to go to my natural colour without frying my hair???

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
WOW your doing too much to that poor hair of yours, it would be very difficult for your colourist to do your natural colour, as you do not even know what it is. I would like to suggest perhaps you go for a rich chocolate brown, you could do that by using a rich colour semi permanent colour with minimum damage of the hair. As for the hair condition let me suggest a really good regime, all these products are by J F Lazartigue, Pre Shampoo Treatment with Shea Butter. Shampoo with collagen (this would restore all the little cracks from chemical damage) and finally a Moisturising conditioner. This is a really great regime I use in my salon and it always works wonders. Do not forget to send a before and after picture!

Alexa asks:
Well, I have long brown, thick hair, about 5inches from my shoulders. I just got long layers on the bottoms. One of the problems that I have, is when I get out of the shower, and if I blow dry my hair, it comes out very puffy, and frizzy. It drives me crazy. I am 13, and hair is a big thing. I have bangs to the side also. My hair is tapered, what would be a good style, and look. Smething that I could do with those problems?.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
What hair products are you using? If you are just drying it with no styling or heat protection this will be why you are getting puffy, frizzy hair. Styling products will not only protect your hair but create a style. But, do not go mad with products, just use one or two to create the desired effect otherwise it will go too sticky or too limp. Use a frizz reducing product whilst you hair is damp and then blow-dry straight or curly.

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