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Tara Jane asks:
I am a mobile hairdresser. What is a good product to use on dry sets to leave the hair soft and set in curls all day on long hair?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Check out my brand new products - that should solve your problem . . P2Fifty Curl Spray - a brand new revolution in heat protection, this heat protection spray is formulated with P2FifTY complex, proven to protect hair from the heat damaging effects of curling tongs up to 250oc. P2FifTY complex effectively combines antioxidising vitamin E, a thermal protecting polymer and living desert extracts of Olive Leaf and Cactus Flower for extreme heat protection. Sprayed onto dry hair before curling with tongs, the product is proven to hold curls with a non-crispy, flexible, long-lasting hold, even in high humidity - 6.99 - 200ml

Becky asks:
How do you remove a color from bleached hair

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I would need some more information on that one as there are lots of products but it depends on what you have got in the hair. For a subtle stain use a clarificant shampoo ( JF Lazartigues after swimming shampoo) a bit more intense pigment could be a shampoo bleach or a colour remover (effassor, wipe out) available from hair salons

Annette asks:
I am of mixed heritage - Jamaican/Indian and as my hair is fine but extremely curly and long I have been told that relaxers will make my hair fall out. Someone told me about the Japanese hair treatments - Yuko and IHR are they any good for my type of hair? If I get it done will it make my hair fall out? Where can I get it done? Preferably somewhere with proven experience with my type of hair.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Relaxers done correctly will not make your hair fall out. (Morions is a good product), however in my experience it is difficult to find stylists in the UK that are proficient in relaxing hair. I would not recommend the YUKO system for you as it uses quite a harsh system. They firstly apply the relaxer blowdry your hair straight with the products in and then use hot irons (180 degrees) on your hair to straighten it. This is harsh and obviously takes a lot out of your hair. If you feel that your hair is delicate may I suggest a good non chemical relaxer such as Razzamatazz Strait Time and use this to relax your curls without damaging your hair. Please do not try the YUKO it is not for you.

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