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Jordan asks:
I really short hair and use loads of products on it, now it is really dry and I get white flakes falling out of it, and still my hair is really short, I was wondering if this was product build up and if I should grow my hair longer to combat this problem in some way?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I would need to have a look at your hair and scalp to give you a properdiagnosis. It is possible that it is a product build up that is resulting in you seeing these flakes but growing your hair would not make any difference! Ask someone to have a look at your scalp and see if it looks flaky. If it does, stop using hair styling products next time you shampoo and see ifthis is it. If it is then change your styling products, if it is the same then change your shampoo

Claire asks:
I have shoulder length very dark hair, I would normally wash it with a variety of shampoos every second day. My hair has always been full of volume. I have suddenly developed an embarrassing problem as my hair has a very bad greasy strip directly down the middle. It affects no other part of my hair. I have washed it up to ten times in a day to try remedy this with no luck. Some people suggest I am not washing the shampoo out properly but this is not the case. Have you any suggestions that may help?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
You may, for some reason have a build-up of an oily substance on your hair, possibly silicone as it is used extensively in shampoos and conditioners these days. I would suggest that you buy a shampoo and conditioner which does not contain any silicone -look at the ingredient list, the most commonly used silicone is called Dimethicone. The first time you use the shampoo apply a good quantity of it to the greasy region down the middle of your head before you wet your hair. By doing this you will be forcing the shampoo to combine with any oil, silicone or other material present simply because it does not have the option of mixing with water and leaving any oily substance behind. You need only do this once, thereafter use the products as normal. Also remember not to apply conditioner either to your scalp or within a few centimeters of it as the hair there does not need conditioning and you run the risk that you will make your hair greasy.

Loretta asks:
: I am a teenager and have very thick, naturally messy hair. It takes me a really long time to straighten my hair and I never really can get it nice and straight. Have you got any tips about straightening hair that will last?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
I have an entire haircare range, called the Poker Straight collection, which is dedicated to maintaining perfectly sleek, straight hair. There are a variety of products within this that you could use to keep your hair straight, including a shampoo, conditioner and intensive treatment. For a more long term solution try asking your stylist about chemical straightening. It can be quite expensive, but lasts up to a year, keeping your hair effortlessly manageable and saving you hours of straightening time!

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