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Nay asks:
had my hair lightened by a trainee hairdresser about a month ago but they used a bleacher and the result ended up making my hair split and burn. Is there anyway I can try and repair my hair I have avoided using all heat styling gadgets and have not dyed my hair since. I am in need of going soon to get my regrowth done I normally go to a very reliable and fantastic hairdresser but I was out of town and made a bad decision. Any help would be great thank you.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Biolustré is a revolutionary new hair system. In clinical studies Biolustré actually left the hair as much as 300% stronger after multiple chemical services. ...More >

Biolustré Revive Instant Repair uses a patent pending polymer bonding process called Lustreloc Technology. It is this technology that allows the product to actually penetrate the hair shaft and bond to the inner cortex of the hair

By bonding to the inner layers of the hair it creates increased tensile strength without the fear of washing it out. It is this strength that gives the hair the feel and shine of virgin hair. The Biolustre Hair Repair Treatment is fantastic for hair that has been colour damaged.

Lisa asks:
I have ringlet curls that are a little longer than shoulder-length. I would love to grow longer hair, but I am finding it hard as when my hair gets longer, it just curls up tighter and is more or less the same length as before! I have even considered extensions, but I am concerned about the upkeep and the cost. When my hair is wet the curls relax and is a lot longer, but I do not want to have straight hair. Could relaxing the curls a bit be the answer; or would a relaxing product get > rid of my curls entirely?

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Getting a non chemical hair relaxer will do the trick

Justi asks:
My hair is straight, thick long (good 4-5 inch below my shoulders) and heavy! I have been growing it for two years and had a dream of having long thick wavy hair. I have been doing some research and some stylist said that a perm will disappear after two days because my hair is too heavy and healthy! Are there any permanent waving techniques or products that will last?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I am not sure why a stylist would tell you that your perm would disappear after only 2 days. It all depends on how curly you would like your hair. Most salons now would look to give you quite a soft wave which, if you have thick, heavy hair, would not seem to last you very long but I am sure it would last you more than 2 days! If you have long, thick hair it does tend to pull your hair down! It may be worth you having some layers through your hair to get rid of some of the weight and allowing your hair to curl or wave. I think what would be a good idea to have a look on style/style.aspand see if there are any styles that you would love to have. Print them off and take them along to a salon and ask how you could achieve the look! I am sure you will be able to have a fab new look!

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