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Sarah asks:
Had my roots done but the tint is 2/3 times darker than my overall colour. I look terrible! Can I use Indolas Wipe out to rectify the problem? I have the product with the 2 bottles but NO instructions.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Oh No! Colour correction is definitely a professional job. I have a question? How are your roots 2-3 times darker than your overall colour. It has to be either. The wrong shade applied to the root area or the colour through the mid lengths and ends was not applied properly.

Either way I would recommend going to your nearest professional salon and get first hand advice. The Indola wipe out will work at removing colour, but the question of what you are left with is the problem. Then getting an even colour match throughout the whole head. This way you will ensure a great result without further worry.

Jo asks:
I have a jaw length textured bob with a fringe. I will be spending 7 weeks in Australia in January, it is not long enough to tie back so I am thinking of having it cut shorter. I need something easy to style with minimum fuss. Any ideas?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Depending on your face shape you could go for a textured bob that is above or just sitting on the cheek bone. This will give you a very strong versatile look that can be easily maintained while on your travels (you lucky girl). This length will allow you to not only have a fantastic look while in Australia but will allow you diversity through being able to slick it back or add product to the hair as your layers will be much shorter and more textured. The back of the hair would be short which would mean no hair in your neck (good for the hot climate you are travelling to) leaving you only needing to spend minimum effort on the top sections. Basically wash and go.

Michelle asks:
My hair is thick and long, so can occasionally get greasy, but since I have coloured it has been limp and lifeless, with an excess of oil at the roots. Are there any shampoos or treatments available to cleanse my hair whilst maintaining the colour?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Your colour service may have left your body feeling like it needs to replace sebum (oil). What I would do first is

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo (not for greasy hair)?
While shampooing only give your hair a light massage, and try not to wash it every day as this will increase your sebum production.
You need a certain amount of oil on your scalp and if you are removing it all every day with shampooing then your body will try and replace it quicker as it is getting the message that your scalp is dry. Also after shampooing on the final rinse use cool water to cool down your scalp. Also use a light spray leave in conditioner and only apply this to your mid lengths and ends ensuring it does not come into contact with your scalp. Please try the above first as this may well sort out you problem after the chemical colour service you have just had

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