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Peggy asks:
I have very straight hair and I really like what summer humidity does to my hair. Are there any products that I can use to simulate the effect of summer humidity on hair?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Peggy - You might want to try Joico Ice whip and Joico sculpting lotion mixed together through out your hair and try scrunching it for volume.

Vicky asks:
I have not long since dyed my hair dark brown and just put some highlights in, when rinsing the colour out I was horrified to find quite a lot of hair was coming out. After drying my hair it is very brittle and dry looking and I am scared I am going to wake up bald. The colour I used to highlight my hair I have used before many times. Should I not have done it so soon after dying it dark brown? And how do I rescue my hair without having it cut off? I have been growing it for years

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
It seems to me that your problem is with the Highlighting Colour rather than the Brown colourant. The Highlighting Kit may well contain a bleaching product and several uses with a product like this can cause damage if used incorrectly, and overlapped over previous highlights. If the lights in your hair are damaged it will make all your hair feel dry and brittle. Please do not panic, you will not wake up bald!!! ...More >

Your first course of action is to repair the damage and begin a treatment regime. I also suggest that you do cut off some of the length and reshape your cut. The best and most successful treatment you can buy is called Colour IQ, by Goldwell. You can buy this from any Goldwell Salon. You need to buy the Blue-coded range of Shampoo, Warm Brown Conditioner and the Treatment Masque. I suggest strongly that you use both the conditioner and masque together each time you shampoo your hair. You will see instant results as it reconstructs the hair. Do this for the next 2 months, then after that use the masque every week.

I personally do not agree with Highlighting Kits for home use as I see 100s of disasters of this kind. It takes years of training as a professional colourist to be proficient and accurate with using bleaching products. So home use is bound to go wrong!

Good luck.

Tonio asks:
I have a blackout haircut and I want to know can I still put wave grease in my hair or will the dye come out?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Tonio - Yes you can as long as there is no alcohol in your products when using. You might want to try Joico sculpting lotion instead great product.

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