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Sue asks:
Years ago I used a dye called Wood Nymph it gave me a really light blond colour. Do you know of any dyes now which would give me this blonde without ginger tones?

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
Sorry I have never heard of this product but if you feel your hair pulls ginger itís because you need to use a lightener (bleach) instead of a colour to achieve a lighter blonde. Hair color will only lift so many levels and also when hair colour lifts out the natural colour it exposes warmth unless you can lift to a true level 9 or 10 lightest blonde then you would not pull ginger (copper) tones but achieve a pretty blonde. Unfortunately science has not made us a colour that can lift as many levels as a bleach product yet.

Daryl asks:
I have a short layered style like Kate Silverton, what product do I use to 'flick out' the sides?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have a short, layered style, it is important to use the correct products to get the most from it. Wash your hair with my Poker Straight Shampoo with P2Fifty, £4.49 for 250ml, which will tame kinks into submission making sure that you keep heat styling for your short hair to a minimum. Condition with Poker Straight Conditioner with P2Fifty, £4.49 for 250ml which will leave your locks straight and soft with a gorgeous glossy finish. Apply a small amount of Poker Straight Glistening Balm, £4.99 for 75ml to damp hair and blow dry, this will keep any fly-away hair under control making sure that your style stays put all day! Pump a small amount of Messed Up Wonder Webb, £5.49 for 50ml, into the palms of your hands and rub together. Pull hands apart and clap to create the webbing effect. Although this product looks strange in your hands it looks hot in your hair! Work vigorously through the whole of the hair and then use your fingers to separate the layers and flick out the sides. Your locks will be held in place all day and will not only look good, but feel great too with no stickiness at whatsoever!

Hayley asks:
I havenít had my hair cut in a long while and now and itís coming up to my 18th birthday. Iím going to have my hair done and I keep leaning toward a inverted bob, but Iím unsure as I have really long hair at the moment and donít know whether I want to cut it off. I have nice cheek bones and good bone structure; do you think I should go for it?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have had long hair for a long time now, cutting it into a sleek bob will be a refreshing change and a dramatic way to turn 18!

Shorter hair can often look more sophisticated and can be easier to look after than long locks. ...More >

With the correct styling, the inverted bob works well on almost anyone, although itís best if your hair isnít too curly as this look works best as a smooth, sleek style. Itís great for framing good bone structure too so will be ideal for you!

At the hairdressers, ask for long, graduated layers to the nape of the neck, ensuring that the base line is shattered. Finish with face framing longer sections at the front.

You will need to keep your hair in fantastic condition for this style

Wash with a shampoo like my Poker Straight shampoo with P2Fifty, (£4.49 for 250ml) to make hair shiny and smooth and protect against heat damage. Follow with an ultra moisturising conditioner like my sofLee sofLee intense conditioner, (£5.99 for 200ml.)

Make sure that you use at home intensive treatments between salon visits. My Poker Straight Intensive Treatment with P2Fifty, (£6.99 for 200ml) will keep it super moisturised.

This style can be worn in two ways. High maintenance- a la Posh; to achieve this look, apply a small amount of my new Poker Straight Shine serum, (£6.99 for 50ml) to damp hair before blow drying.

You need to blow dry down the shaft of the hair follicles to get the cuticles as flat as possible.

Follow with my Poker Straight and Kinda Curly Irons and another small amount of my new Poker Straight Shine serum, (£6.99 for 50ml) for mega watt gloss.

To wear this style in a more relaxed way- think Kirsten Dunst Ė just give hair a quick blast with the hairdryer and run through some of my brand new product Messed Up Wonder Webb, (£5.49 for 50ml).

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