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Jessica asks:
My hairdresser uses Sebastian Colourshines on my hair. I want to buy some to start using at home but I don't know what colors she uses, just know it's a 5-3. Is there a list telling what colors correspond to the numbers?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Sebastian is for Professional use only, as far as I am aware. The colour chart will be available at the local salon you attend for your colour service, but I would doubt it if they would sell you any product.

As far as I am aware it is not for retail, just purely professional.

Sharon asks:
I am 46 and have grey hair, I have no colour or tint on it. It is very coarse and frizzy and I am trying to grow some length into it, I have tried using straighteners but even with all the protective creams and potions every time I straighten my hair turns yellow like it is singed, any ideas?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The Yellow tone in your hair will most probably be from Pollution. This can be from smoke or pollutants actually in the air. While your hair is curly it is not as obvious as it is when you style your hair straight. When your hair is straight it will reflect the light much more showing any tone you may have. Straighteners alone will not send your hair yellow, although if the setting is to hot they can remove moisture from your hair leaving it dry and fragile which will make the porosity of your hair worse and thus allow pollution to get inside your hair easier. Firstly, Cleanse your hair with a good quality shampoo for coarse hair, then apply a good conditioner to moisturize and smooth out the cuticle Try using LíOreal professional tec ni art heat styler prior to straightening and this will protect your hair while straightening. It will also smooth out the cuticle and help prevent any further unwanted Yellow tone (pollution) from getting inside your hair shaft. Visit a good salon near your home and they will be able to advise which products to use to remove the tone if you have any further problems.

Lisa asks:
I am mixed raced and had very long past breast level length hair when I was younger. Since I had a Relaxer it has started to break off and has never grew back to the original length it just remains at no longer than shoulder length . I have tried everything from growing out the Relaxer to only using heat once a month, deep conditioning. Please help me I love long hair. My roots grow but my ends donít grow in length, what is happening? Please help! I am getting married and want lovely natural long hair again.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
Your name is familiar to me. Anyway, sometimes if you have been using products that cause build up, conditioners are not able to penetrate. Use a good clarifying shampoo followed by moisture and protein based products such as Razzamatazz moisture loc shampoo and tri protein conditioner. Keep heat off your hair for the time being and use a leave in conditioner on the ends to strengthen and protect them

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