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Rosanne asks:
I have wavy hair mostly at the ends, very healthy no split ends when at home my hair looks healthy but when I go into the sun it tends to frizz and looks very dry. I love my wavy hair donít think I am using the right products to set my hair on a daily basis which will not damage my hair in anyway. Can you suggest any product to reduce frizziness so I can wear my wavy hair naturally?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
I would recommend using L'Oreal Professional tec-ni art Liss control.

This product will help smooth and control naturally curly frizzy hair. It is excellent. ...More >

You can also work a small amount of L'Oreal Professional serum into the hair after drying for a beautiful shinny result.

Sarah asks:
I have shoulder length hair and when it is not straightened I really donít know what style to wear it in. Iíve been thinking of growing it long and wavy but Iím not sure this is the right thing to do, please help!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have shoulder length hair and are keen for a new look, it will be quicker to opt for a shorter style rather than waiting for your hair to grow. ...More >

A bob suits most hair types as long as your hair isnít very curly as then it could be too difficult to maintain. A bob is also a great versatile look as it can be several different lengths from quite long to very short, depending on what suits you and what you are happy with. The most popular bob at the moment is still the ďPobĒ, made famous by Victoria Beckham. To get this look you ask for a disconnected bob, with long, graduated layers to the nape of the neck and a shattered base line. The face should be framed with slightly longer sections at the front that are slightly disconnected from the rest of the cut.

This style looks best smooth and sleek. Wash hair with my Poker Straight Shampoo with P2Fifty, that protects hair from heat damage and leaves it poker straight. Follow with Poker Straight Conditioner with P2Fifty, to moisturise and give your locks further protection from heat damage. Apply a small amount of Poker Straight Glistening Balm, to damp hair before blow drying carefully down the hair shaft to get the cuticles as flat as possible, making your hair look super sleek and sexy! Mist hair with Iron Protection Mist, then run over with straightening irons. Finish with a mist of Shine Spray to leave a stunning glass-like shine on your hot new barnet! To keep this look quick and casual, after blow drying hair use some of my new texturiser, Messed Up Wonder Webb. Pump a small amount into the palms of your hands and rub together. Pull hands apart and clap to create the webbing effect. Although this product looks scary in your hands it will look hot in your hair! Vigorously work through the whole of your hair and then finger into place for Kirsten Dunst cool.

If itís good enough for KirstenÖitís good enough for you!

Eileen asks:
I have never had a problem with grey before, but now it is not colouring. My stylist says that I have very little grey. Any specific professional colouring products that you can recommend?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Talk to your colourist about pre-softening your hair before colouring that will help a lot.

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