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Audrey asks:
My Hairdresser has made a mess of my hair she has left me with short and long bits in my hair I use GHDs which makes a difference.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
It sounds to me your stylist has attempted to layer your hair and unfortunately has been unsuccessful in doing so. This means that your hair cut is very disconnected, long bits-short bits etc. I suggest you go to a good respectable salon and have a consultation with a stylist (this will be free) explain how you feel with your hair and they will be able to help put right your layering problem. Personally I think that your layers need to be blended together, this will make handling and styling your hair a lot easier. I know you said using irons rescue the problem however long term this will damage and weaken your hair if the layers are not correct. Donít forget to use a heat protection product when using irons at all times.

Sarah asks:
My friend described my face as up side down egg. I think that may be oval but Iím not so sure. I have very dark brown hair which is wavy and gets frizzy if I donít straighten it, so I obviously straighten my hair. What Iím not so sure about is what style I should choose and whether I suit a fringe or not. So far I just layer my hair and have a side fringe which sticks out horribly when it gets down the cheek level. I really have no idea what style would be best for me. I also straighten my hair at night only because after straightening my hair goes really puffy.

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Your friend has a funny way of describing things! It does sound like you have an oval face shape and this type of face shape suits most styles. I think you should visit a professional hair salon and have a consultation and see what they come up with, they should also give you advice on how to style your hair at home and which products will make it so you only need to use the irons once a day. I would go with an open mind and go for a fringe to strengthen up your look.

Nicola asks:
I have been getting my hair highlighted for years now (am 30) and the under section is dark blond and the top is quite light blonde with fine warm browns just to break it up a bit. I am constantly annoyed with how when I put my hair back in a pony tail I always see brown roots or a shadow through the blonde (my salon is excellent and the foils are always done to the root). Is it possible to do the top section of my hair a full colour blonde not using foils and as I donít want it peroxide can a toner take it down to a nice golden blonde and how can I then put pieces of brown through this solid blonde to break it up (do you leave sections out when doing the full colour)?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I think I understand your situation. It is possible to have a full head blonde colour on the top and then have darker pieces put through, but please have it done professionally and bear in mind that it will dry the hair more than normal, so please make sure you condition your hair will a good product.

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