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Mandy asks:
I have a horrible problem with my pigments I would like to be a nice natural looking blonde with a few low lights, I am naturally a dark blonde but must have loads of pigment because every time I colour it, it goes ginger, I go to hairdressers they bleach it but it never turns out right, whatever colour they put on it never looks right. at the moment they have left me with bright blonde bleach hair and very dried out which is too hard for my face and I hate it, it looks cheap they say they donít know what to put on it to make it look right as they have tried allsorts and it just ends up ginger rather there on the spot or after the first wash this is really getting me down, please help what can I do?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
What I would strongly advise is booking a free consultation at a salon that stocks Wella products and has a Master Colour Expert.

These people have been through exclusive training regarding all aspects of colouring and will be able to suggest the right colours and techniques to get you to the colour you are after.

Lisa Marie asks:
What can be done for my very bad extreme damaged bleached hair. falling out in clumps and hate the colour yellow and orange. Wish I left it as it was but I donít like brown hair on me, but that would be better then no hair. Feel very down. What are the best hair repair products?

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Find a good hairdresser - someone who specialises in colouring and hear what they say. The aim should clearly be to improve hair colour while, at the same time, reduce the hair damage and breakage - not easy and particularly difficult to do at home. A short series of intensive conditioner treatments should minimise the breakage. I would also use a large toothed comb rather than a brush for the moment as this will be less likely to cause further breakage. Book an appoint with a colouring specialist, then go along for a consultation first. If the hairdresser doesnít sound interested and caring move on to the next salon until someone with the knowledge, care and the correct attitude jumps out at you. We would recommend you try Revlon Professional Pro You Colour Treatment as an intensive conditioning treatment.

Denise asks:
I want a low maintenance cut for thick coarse hair with natural wave. I donít like to spend a lot of time or use a lot of product. Iím a 50 year old tom boy with sass and still want to look good. Any ideas?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
For me with your type of hair texture I would go with a gorgeous little crop. A great example of this is someone like Judy Dench. This style is very low maintenance and at the same time can be made to look glamorous or easily turned into an every day look.

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