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Melissa asks:
I have light brown hair with naturally blonde, reddish highlights to the middle of my back and I colored it dark brown and it turned out black. I used permanent and am just wondering how long it will take to fade/grow out, is there any products I can use to make it fade out faster?

Rafael RosasAnswered By:
Rafael Rosas
Hi Melissa - Wash your hair with dishwashing liquid. This is an old hairdresserís secret. Dishwashing liquid has a lot of detergent in it and will help remove some of the color from your hair.

Corinne asks:
I wonder if you can help me. I have fine hair that is grey. I love the colour of it, but I have noticed lately that the grey is tarnished in two spots (each side of my parting). I use the blue shampoo. Is there a product, a rinse that I can use to get rid of the tarnish look and get back my silver grey hair?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
There are a couple of really good products on the market for you. One is Wella System Professional Silver Saver Shampoo and the other is Wella Colour Fresh Manhattan 0/6.

Both will help revive the silver and make it brighter.

Rebecca asks:
My hair is thick, greasy and also coloured the problem is it often feels heavy and lank even after washing, has no shine at all and at times I canít run my fingers through it without getting them stuck! The first time I usually dye my hair itís lovely-really light, full of bounce and shine. As soon as I wash it, it starts going dull, feeling greasy with no lightness to it. What would you recommend I use to get some shine and bounce back?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Letís start from the beginning. Sometimes when we use colours from the shops they donít always give you the result youíre after. However, I suggest you go and have a haircut that will thin your hair out to eliminate most of the thickness, also a shampoo and conditioner for oily hair. Ask a professional for a colour that suits you and your complexion salons always have great colours and shine products and are also much better than the ones in the shops.

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