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James asks:
Wondered if you could help, Iím after a hair product which will give me the wet look of gel but without the stiff hold. Iím a man and my hair is fairly long so I want a sort of oil? Which will make my hair look wet but keep it free moving and not stuck in one place if you know what I mean Iíve heard of Vitalis hair lotion but donít know if that would do the job? Itís rarely available anywhere.

Calum TierneyAnswered By:
Calum Tierney
We have a number of products I would advise to fulfill your needs. We have a fiber from American crew which is like a type of wax but you can also use it to give a type of wet look. We also have a Sebastian product called Potion 9 which is more of a leave in treatment that would also give you that effect!

Caroline asks:
I have been colouring my hair for 9 years blonde, my natural colour is dark brown but I have got quite a lot of grey. My hairdresser doesnít think I should be using bleach any more so she just did my roots and another colour itís awful. I am at a loss.

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I am sorry you are at a loss, but not all is lost because the worst case is you bleach your hair again if your hair can handle the chemical challenge. I can see why your stylist is trying to change you into a hair colour instead of a bleaching product but I canít really give you a lot of advice as I do not know how much grey you have, what was done to your regrowth and ends and what you actually donít like about the end result? I would assume your hair is darker than what you are use to? Maybe you could have highlights in the colour to brighten it up and help you through the transition phase, go chat with your stylist again and I am sure you both will decide on the best approach for your hair

Anon asks:
I have a natural mop of frizz - almost afro hair. I use mousse as serums are no good. I separate parts of my hair and twist around my finger to create ringlets, however at the age of 28 Iím being mistaken for 10 years younger. I want an easy manageable curly style (not too curly) which will at least add a few years on my age. HELP!

Mark WoolleyAnswered By:
Mark Woolley
Naturally curly hair can be more difficult to style than straight, and can often take more maintenance. I would recommend using a good styling crŤme when you dry your hair, such as LíOreal Techni Art Liss Control, (£9.95) which will add control and definition to your style. I would steer clear of ringlets if you want to look older, but if you still want some movement in your hair I would move more towards a textured look, which you can create using a diffuser setting on your hairdryer and some powerful styling products such as Fudge Reform (£9.95).

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