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Anon asks:
What is the best way to straighten hair?

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
Your hair needs to be completely dry and preferable smoothed out with a hairdryer and brush. Then take two inch sections of your hair and apply a heat protective product by spraying 15cm away from the hair and distributing evenly. Starting at the roots, bring your hair-straightener through to the ends. Ensure that the straightener is always moving to avoid burning the hair. When you get to the ends, slightly bend your wrist downwards so the ends slightly curl underneath to give them some shape. You should also try to avoid straightening your fringe with straighteners and instead use a hairdryer and brush. If you do use your straighteners, only straighten the ends and ensure you slightly curl the ends down as well. If after you have straightened your hair, there are flyaway hairs, apply a light serum to tame them.

Divya asks:
I have used your Shine Head Shampoo itís simply Superb my hair is shining and at the same time soft. I just want to know how often I could use this product, should I have to oil my hair before shampooing? I donít like very dry hair I want soft healthy hair so what sort of daily routine should I take for my hair.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
I have some bad news. My Shine Head shampoo is coming off the shelves in Boots for a while so I can make it even BETTER, but while it is I have some tips to keep your hair soft and shiny. ...More >

Shiny hair is healthy hair and thatís what I love. While Shine Head is off shelves you definitely have to try out my Bling range! Use my Bling Sparkle Spray for a quick and easy, instant sparkle that ensures your hair will shimmer and shine with the best of them. Itís my new essential ingredient for a big night out. For a glimmer serum that tames frizzy flyaway hair, enhances the colour and makes it shine go for my 4 Brunettes Glimmer Serum or 4 Blondes Glimmer Serum. Brilliant for a perfect ponytail with some added va-va-voom. As Iím sure a shine addict like yourself knows, hair shines when there is an even just a reflection of light on the cuticle - SO cuticles need to be as flat as possible, itís easy to improve the level of shine by following a few of these simple tips:

- When using a hair dryer use the nozzle to direct the airflow down the hair shaft and always dry from roots to ends

- Donít tip your head upside down when blow drying as this can create frizz.

- Give your hair a final blast of cool water just before you jump out of the shower, this will seal the surface of your hair so it reflects light better

As for a routine - make sure that you are using a shampoo and conditioner that isnít laden with product, you know the ones that leave residue on your hair (mine have all been formulated not to do this!) and if you are going to use a shine spray, be careful not to overload as hair will look greasy

Laura asks:
I have long blonde highlighted hair which is very fine and flyaway. It is very fluffy when I wake up in the morning and so I always have to wash it. What products are best to use as I never know whether to use shampoos and conditioners designed for coloured hair or for fine hair. Also, what styling tools/products would you suggest?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It sounds to me like you are suffering from damaged hair - as Iím sure you know highlighting hair, especially with bleach is incredibly damaging and combined with your fine hair you need some tlc!

Limit the number of times you shampoo your hair per week. If you can stretch the amount of time in-between shampoos this gives hair time to rest and for the natural hair oils to accumulate. Use a moisturizing shampoo such as my Bleach Blonde Shampoo which helps repair bleached hair and gently tone any yellow to a gorgeous ashy baby blonde. Wash hair ONLY in lukewarm water. Hot water will dry out the cuticle and enhance any existing damage. Rinse hair many times until all shampoo has been completely removed. Always rinse with cool to cold water. This seals newly added moisture back into the cuticle. Avoid using hot styling tools which will exacerbate the dryness of any chemically damaged hair. Allow hair to air dry. To add curls or waves use, pin curls, rag or soft sponge rollers. Avoid heat styling. Take hair vitamins designed to strengthen hair. These will help the hair to repair itself from the root area as the strands grow. Use only a smooth, wide toothed combs and brush damaged hair only as needed. Never brush spongy or damaged hair when wet. If the damage does not improve after a few weeks, visit a hair care professional for salon conditioning treatments. Have damaged ends removed. Avoid applying any additional chemicals to severely damaged hair. Drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and treat your hair with TLC

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