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Tess asks:
I have been colouring my hair for ever. I have very white hair the Salon I use never seem to get the colour I want itís just a block colour with no warmth. My hair is not in too good condition as I have abused it for years. Please help!

Sue PembertonAnswered By:
Sue Pemberton
I am not sure what level your natural hair is, what % of grey you have and what your desired result is, so it is difficult to help you with the colour. I can recommend for the damage of your hair to use the JOICO K-Pak products shampoo, and reconstructer this will help to get you hair back in shape.

Emma asks:
I currently have dark brown chin length textured hair. I am trying to get to a cool platinum blonde; however I had a disaster with a previous hairdresser who put a paint box red permanent colour onto my then naturally blonde hair. I have spent the past year and a half trying to get back to blonde with no avail. It was last bleached 6 months ago and the outcome was an orangey/yellow brassy colour. Are there any new products or techniques that my hairdresser could use to get me back to platinum blonde? Any advice given would be much appreciated.

Martin HillierAnswered By:
Martin Hillier
Sounds like you been through the wars a bit. Your natural hair is obviously lighter than what you have on now and from what I can gather from your email, a series of mistakes has had you recovering one problem after another. Now you are back to dark brown and once more want to bite the bullet and try for blonde! But the fact of the matter is you have dark colour on your hair how and lifting colour out is never easy even for the experts. It depends on how many layers of colour they are trying to break through. I know itís hard; but weíre coming up for summer now and my suggestion to get you where you want to be would be to start with a really cool shorter cut! Get rid of the you, you donít want and start a fresh. You have to keep re-colouring messes, where you could have a cute little cut and then go blonde with no problem. It will soon grow and you can try different looks along the way as well as different blonde shades....Everyone loves Marilyn, but Annie Lenox is dammed hot too!!

Happy Summer!

Maria asks:
I have coloured hair with only a few slices of blonde in, and want to chemically straighten my hair with Indola silk straightening system as it is very frizzy and I have to constantly straighten it, would you recommend this as a cure which will also spend less time using heating appliances.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Frizzy hair can be a real nightmare, especially with our typical British weather! As your hair is coloured already I would try to avoid any more chemical treatment if you can, as you can loose shine and body. Instead try products which help to straighten out kinks and frizz from the first stage Lee Stafford Poker Straight Shampoo contains ingredients to help tame kinks, gently cleanse and soften but protect from harsh heat damage. Lee Stafford Poker Straight Conditioner with P2Fifty leaves hair super straight and glossy. Follow with Lee Stafford P2Fifty Professional Straightening iron protection mist which protects your hair from the damage that straighteners can do - meaning that your hair is straighter and sleeker with less heat and effort!

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