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Genevieve asks:
I have naturally medium to dark brunette hair with natural red tones to it. I am fair skinned and my skin tone has yellow/warm undertones to it. Whenever I dye my hair I always end up red tones that are more obvious, especially when light is shining directly on my hair (from far away my hair looks dark brown, up closer in the light there are red tones). I want to get rid of the red tones but I donít know how to do so without damaging my hair or wrecking the color. I tried an ash brown color before but the color came out just terrible and pasty. I spent 8 hours in a salon to correct that brilliant idea. I know that the ash is supposed to cut the red at least that is what I have read it is supposed to do and I am not about to try to dye it ash brown again. I just dyed it with the new Clairol Perfect 10 color in medium brown and it looks lovely except for the pesky red tones. I cannot afford to go to a salon for color and since I am not attempting a drastic color change from my natural color I feel that doing it at home is the best option. I am simply trying to make the color more rich and glossy and lose the red tones. Are there any products out there that can help me on my already dyed hair?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Those pesky red tones eh!

Given the underlying tone in your hair it is very hard indeed to get the colour result you require. ...More >

What I would suggest to you would not probably be what you want to hear. This needs an expert to assure you get your desired result (it will stop you having to spend a further 8 hours having colour correction).

If you were to go to a salon I would suggest having multi tonal highlights and low lights with your predominant colour been the warm brown you truly desire. The multi tonal highlights/low lights will stop you dominant red tone showing.

I wish you the best, and get rid of the ípesky redí

Good luck

Jill asks:
I have African American hair and I want to dye it a vibrant colour. Is there a safe way I could bleach my hair to do so, without it falling out or breaking a lot. I also had a relaxer about 3 months ago.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
There is a product by Líoreal called majenta red. There is no bleaching involved but you can get quite a rich red. I do not suggest bleaching however some hairstylists will use an oil bleach. The best bet is to get a strand test.

Monisha asks:
: I have hair that falls out occasionally,i need to know what are the causes and what to do about it

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Believe it of not the typical person looses up to 100 hairs per day! This can seem quite allot of hair especially if an individuals hair is long.

Hair goes though different stages of growth, rest and replacement which is entirely natural although illness and medication can effect this in a big way. ...More >

If you are at all worried about your situation then visit your GP or professional salon for advice as their are great products on the market that help promote growth.

Regards Gary

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