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Hani asks:
I have got very bad frizz in my hair it actually developed after my use of Isotretinoin for 8 months for acne cure. I regularly use a good shampoo and a conditioner for dry frizzy hair but it isnít helping me much. No hairstyle is visible in my hair due to this frizz. Could you please tell me some product that is the ultimate to take care of frizz!

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Every other week add a little drop of baby oil into a warm bath. Bathe for a while and soak your whole hair in the water. Do not rinse out. When you get out the bath, towel dry your body and hair and comb through leave to dry naturally. This at first will feel strange because you will be left with a residue all over especially your hair and you may not feel clean, however this will add moisture not only too your now frizzy hair but also your body. Do this for about a month.

Nattie asks:
My natural hair colour is a medium brown and in the sun it goes copperish red, right now after a series of colors in my hair, I have become a blonde for 2 years now, but for some reason I can never achieve the blonde I want. A week after getting bleached high lights it just blends in and become a yellowish golden blonde like it was before. I like the Nordic white blonde with the ash in the roots (but on the roots all colours go orange or copper, I can never get it right) I have been to numerous Hairdressers and no one can get it right, they say I am too dark and it is impossible to achieve the blonde I want, when in fact I know people with my colour who have the blonde I want. I have no idea what to ask them to put on my hair to make it whiter. The brand they use is Majirel LíOreal, there are no other brands where I live. Do you have any advice on what they can do to achieve the Nordic blonde on the ends and ash on the roots with this brand of hair tints? (My hair condition is quite decent, a bit dry but I never use heat on my hair, I trim every month and use fairly good products)

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
It sounds like not only is your hair dark, but also has a lot of warmth (red) tones in it, which is causing the yellowness in your colour. The only way of trying to get the ashen blonde youíre looking for is to probably bleach and toner your hair. Whilst this may get the desired result it will dry your hair out so please bear this in mind.

Christina asks:
I have pretty thin and flat hair. If I dry my hair using a turban and micro fibre towel will I still be able to give it volume?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest the only way of getting volume into the hair is with the right product choice i.e. shampoo, volumising spray and of course some form of heat.

Whether itís a hair dryer or heated rollers, ideally some form of heat needs to be applied.

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