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Amanda asks:
I want the shine and gloss that I get from a semi permanent hair colour, but donít want the colour. Is there any products that do this that I could buy online or get at the hairdressers? Someone mentioned diacolor clear would have the desired effect!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Everyone wants to keep that íI just got out of the saloní glossy shine but sadly just like colour, this glass-like effect can fade over time. Frustratingly, climate, pollution and heated styling tools all tend to decrease the natural shine of your hair. ...More >

But getting that shine back is not impossible- in fact it is quite simple and wonít add any hassle to your hair care regime. My Lee Stafford Shine Head range is designed to bring some serious shine to your locks. It contains tiny light reflecting sparkles within to give multi-faceted shimmering hair. After shampooing and conditioning give your hair a final rinse off with cold water- this will help prolong the natural shine on hair.

Another great trick to get double the shine is to mix together a small amount of serum with root lifting mousse in the palm of your hand before rubbing the mixture into your hair from root to tip. After Blow drying smooth another 50 pence sized amount of serum over your hair- this will enhance the natural gloss of your hair and keep it beautifully shiny all day long!

Andrew asks:
I want to be able to keep my hair wet and smooth looking all day. I currently straighten my hair and use conditioner regularly. Is there any product I can use after a flat iron to give it a manageable, wet, smooth shine? One example is Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
There is a product by Nicky Clarke called shimmer spray, this is similar to a serum however it is fine and contains an extremely high gloss.

Hani asks:
I have got very bad frizz in my hair it actually developed after my use of Isotretinoin for 8 months for acne cure. I regularly use a good shampoo and a conditioner for dry frizzy hair but it isnít helping me much. No hairstyle is visible in my hair due to this frizz. Could you please tell me some product that is the ultimate to take care of frizz!

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
Every other week add a little drop of baby oil into a warm bath. Bathe for a while and soak your whole hair in the water. Do not rinse out. When you get out the bath, towel dry your body and hair and comb through leave to dry naturally. This at first will feel strange because you will be left with a residue all over especially your hair and you may not feel clean, however this will add moisture not only too your now frizzy hair but also your body. Do this for about a month.

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