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Kate Champs asks:
My hair got ruined a few months ago when a hairdresser tried to give me a sun kissed look, with lighter highlights on the bottom, and my natural dark hair colour on top. However for some reason, the bleach frazzled my hair, and after a week the ends were so bad, pieces were breaking off and it was impossible to comb through. I complained at the hairdressers who dyed in black and said that should sort it. It didnít though, and I still have this awful hair. Iíve been to other hairdressers who tell me different things. One said Iíve lost the elasticity in the bottom of my hair. Iíve wanted long hair for ages, and have had to cut off a lot so that my hair is shoulder length, to get rid of the frizz, but thereís still about an inch and a half of frizz still there. The top of my hair is still normal and shiny. Do you think I need to chop it all off and go short?? I just want someone to be honest so I can get it chopped off, and then get on with growing it back again

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
What a nightmare! I know the trend you were trying to recreate - the dip dye, itís been really popular but I can see how it went wrong in this case. Unfortunately, I think you already know the answer Iím going to give. Unless you have the damaged hair cut off your hair will continue grow slowly and look frizzy. Can I recommend a product of mine, read the reviews on the Boots website, or search for some blog write ups - the Hair Growth Treatment from my haircare range. It contains a Pro Growth complex and a vitamin and mineral complex that will improve your hair condition and whip it into shape for growth.

Ruth asks:
Is Lee Stafford double blow mousse safe to use on coloured hair and will it stop colour treated hair from fading.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
My Ddouble Blow mousse is a perfect product to use on coloured hair. Its lightweight formula and quick drying properties mean that your colour is not affected - its kind to your hair! As long as you are keeping your dyed or highlighted locks nourished and hydrated, there is no reason for your colour to fade - especially if you are using a product as simple as mousse.

Mandy asks:
I have been having a semi colour for the past six years, but was thinking of having a permanent colour. I mentioned to my hairdresser that I had been getting an itchy scalp and some spots on my neck and scalp. She gave me a patch test for a semi and permanent, and the semi showed up as an allergy and not the permanent. Would it still be ok to have a permanent colour?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest this is very odd as usually if you have a reaction to a semi you would have one to permanent. Itís also hard to say without knowing the products in question, but my advice is not too risk a permanent colour.

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