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Sandy asks:
I have a purple streak in my hair, I want to remove it to blonde without bleach, what are some techniques I can use.

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
You could try washing it in a two in one shampoos or a Product like this will help it fade before using a high lift tint.

Clodagh asks:
I had long hair up until two months ago, when I cut it to my shoulders and now the layers at the front of my hair are dry, damaged and brittle. I have blonde hair that I have not highlighted since last July and I have completely avoided all heat products since I cut my hair short. I also plait it to protect it, but I will need to cut the front layers again as the ends are broken. (I had it trimmed about two and a half weeks ago). Is there any particular reason for this? The rest of my hair is in great condition. I have started using mane n tail deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner (not every time I wash my hair so as not to overdo it) but it doesnít make a difference to the front layers. I am slightly perplexed! If you had any opinions or advice on the matter I would so much appreciate it.

Warren HolmesAnswered By:
Warren Holmes
It would seem the hairstylist may have cut into it an awful lot to lose weight or create texture often referred to as ícutting into it.í This often happens when going from long to short because there is a build up of weight at the perimeter. The only thing you can do really is just to grow it out but as Iím sure youíre experiencing itís so brittle it doesnít actually grow any longer. In this instance have the dry ends removed and begin again but ensure you continue to condition them regularly.

Kate Champs asks:
My hair got ruined a few months ago when a hairdresser tried to give me a sun kissed look, with lighter highlights on the bottom, and my natural dark hair colour on top. However for some reason, the bleach frazzled my hair, and after a week the ends were so bad, pieces were breaking off and it was impossible to comb through. I complained at the hairdressers who dyed in black and said that should sort it. It didnít though, and I still have this awful hair. Iíve been to other hairdressers who tell me different things. One said Iíve lost the elasticity in the bottom of my hair. Iíve wanted long hair for ages, and have had to cut off a lot so that my hair is shoulder length, to get rid of the frizz, but thereís still about an inch and a half of frizz still there. The top of my hair is still normal and shiny. Do you think I need to chop it all off and go short?? I just want someone to be honest so I can get it chopped off, and then get on with growing it back again

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
What a nightmare! I know the trend you were trying to recreate - the dip dye, itís been really popular but I can see how it went wrong in this case. Unfortunately, I think you already know the answer Iím going to give. Unless you have the damaged hair cut off your hair will continue grow slowly and look frizzy. Can I recommend a product of mine, read the reviews on the Boots website, or search for some blog write ups - the Hair Growth Treatment from my hair care range? It contains a Pro Growth complex and a vitamin and mineral complex that will improve your hair condition and whip it into shape for growth.

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