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Piya asks:
I am an Indian with middle length dark brown hair. My hair is very silky but light. The problem is that my scalp is a little oily but my hair is dry. I found it very difficult to choose any product because I am confused whether to buy an oil free shampoo or a moisturising one. Moreover these days I have come to China to spend my summer with my Dad. The weather conditions are totally different from India there is a lot of moisture in the air and also the water here is more chlorinated. The thing which has never happened with me is happening now Ė hair fall and hair breakage. I donít know what to do or which shampoo to use. Please recommend me some good hair products according to my hair type and I would be really obliged if you could give me some tips to take care of my hair this summer.

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
I would recommend a shampoo for oily hair maybe LíOreal Professional Pure Resource shampoo, this product removes any sort of build up on the hair and scalp and leaves it at a healthy p.h balance which promotes better stronger regrowth. I would strongly recommend for the middle lengths and ends Phillip Kingsley Elasticiser which will prevent any more breakage and strengthen your hair and leave it bouncy and shiny. These are the products we use at our Manchester salon, of course I am not sure if these products are available in China

Barbara asks:
I have curly hair (I have hair for 3 heads) and Iím about to do the Wellastrate treatment to get my hair straight. What I want to know is what products should I use next? Shampoo, conditioner. What product do you recommend?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I would strongly recommend the Wella System Professional Smoothen range which contains both a shampoo and conditioner which will keep your hair smooth and shiny.

Ryan asks:
Iím not sure how I should go about cutting my own hair. I donít have the money to go to a salon frequently, so I have been cutting it on myself for a while. I was wondering how wet or dry I should cut it with shears, and if that would change if I were to use a razor blade. Also, I have read mixed procedures, some saying that I should shampoo my hair before cutting it, while others say to shampoo and condition hair. Iím not sure which one is right. Also, I have a texturizing paste, but I donít know how to use it (how much and how wet or dry my hair would be when I do). Also, last question; if I used the paste, how should I wash my hair on days I donít shampoo? Should I water wash or condition, and should I leave my hair the way it is or reapply more paste? I am not exactly sure how to cut my own hair or use products, so any help would be appreciated!

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
You donít have to spend a fortune when it comes to your hair. Try going to a salons training night these nights are done with the trainees and are either extremely cheap or complimentary. You will also achieve a better cut and style

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