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Tiff J asks:
HI, I have 4b curly hair, dyed black over henna. I have bleached before over henna and its fine. But I would like some advice on how to go about doing highlights on myself? What products, techniques etc

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Iím afraid I wouldnít suggest highlighting yourself, nip along to a local salon and ask if they have a model night and have it done by a trainee. Itís very difficult to get an even result and maintain the hairs integrity and I have concerns you will be disappointed with the result. If you have it done in a professional salon they will be able to advise you on maintenance and aftercare so you can maintain your new look.

I do hope this helps?

Jena asks:
I want a rose gold & blonde balayage with brown roots. My hair is a faded teal havenít coloured in 3mnths. I have a 7lift bleach & ferias smoky pink. Iím just unsure how. Do I bleach all my hair except roots & balayage the pink in & leave blonde as is then purple shampoo whole head?

Antony LicataAnswered By:
Antony Licata
This sounds like a big job to tackle yourself at home, especially if you currently have faded teal colour on the hair, it could cause all sorts of issues. Seeing a professional would ensure a god finish. If your finances canít stretch to seeing a qualified colourist, why not look into seeing a trainee as a model? Most good salons offer this, youíll always be supervised and never normally pay more than product cost.

Diana asks:
I have very fine hair that is medium in length and very thin. The problem I have, is that my hair seems to separate within about 20 minutes of brushing it. It makes my hair look very unhealthy. How do I stop this separation from happening?

Benjamin ShipmanAnswered By:
Benjamin Shipman
It sounds as if your hair is limp and lank, either from excess product or from natural sebum production. The grease, be it natural or caused by products, is separating your hair in to sections. You have naturally very fine hair, and separation is a fairly common problem among people who have fine hair, as it is the first hair type to be affected by any kind of excess oil in the hair. My first piece of advice would be to try a special shampoo, such as Kebelo Clarifying Shampoo, that purifies the hair more than an ordinary shampoo. Clarifying Shampoo acts like an exfoliator for the hair and scalp, ridding it of excess styling products, environmental impurities, grease, sweat and dirt build-up. These are common causes of limp, lank hair that can separate, as you have described. If, after trying a deep-cleansing shampoo, you notice hair is becoming separated again within a day or two, it may be that you have naturally oily hair, that needs caring for with products tailored specifically to this hair type. Kebeloís award-winning Revitalising range is a prescriptive range of products, designed especially for fine hair that is naturally oily and limp. The Revitalising Shampoo has been formulated to remove excess oils from the hair and scalp, without stripping the hair or leaving it dry. The Revitalising Conditioner has been created to give an injection of moisture to hair and nourishing locks, but without adding any grease or weight to the hair, so it doesnít cause the separation problem you have described. As your hair is medium length, you may also benefit from the BONDAGE Weekly Colour Masque, which provides additional deep conditioning and repair to any damaged hair, which then boosts the hairís body and volume. If you notice your hair is still becoming greasy and separated, within the same day as washing it, take a look at the styling products you are using. If you are using any serums or finishing products, make sure they are specifically for very fine hair. If you wish to smooth your hair, oils should generally be avoided, as they are too heavy for fine hair, whereas smoothing creams are much more suitable.

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