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Andrea asks:
Hi! Iím 16 years old I was struggling for my hair because i dye it into blonde and the stylist put some bleach on my hair but it ended up dry and when I comb it. It always falls out so I donít want to comb my hair anymore. And now i wanted to cut it short for me to have a new reborn hair but my hair is so super thick I usually re-bond my hair to straighten out but my hair is burned and so dry because of the treatment that I used in my hair. I donít know what to do anymore I wanted to cut it short with my round face but I donít know if it will suit me because i have a super thick hair. What will I do?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Okay so to start with you need to invest in the best possible professional shampoo and conditioner for dry damaged hair. It will be a mixture of protein and moisturising ingredients at will strengthen & soften. You then need to buy a treatment masque to your that you apply after shampooing but before conditioning, this will strengthen and condition the inner structure of your hair so as it grows its in the best possible condition. Only ever comb your hair when it is wet, and use a soft bristle brush when it is dry if you want to brush it. As far as hair styles go most short styles suit round and oval faces so there are lots of great options, go through google and pick out a few you like. Because your hair is thick itís a good idea to use a heavier, wax or cream styling and finishing product as these flatten the hair down as well as make it smooth and helps the strands stick together so it looks less bulky. I really think all of the above will help you and you will see a difference very quickly. You could also try on different hairstyles on our virtual hairstyle feature, where you can upload your own photo and see what suits you: Virtual hairstyle

good luck.

Tiff J asks:
HI, I have 4b curly hair, dyed black over henna. I have bleached before over henna and its fine. But I would like some advice on how to go about doing highlights on myself? What products, techniques etc

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Iím afraid I wouldnít suggest highlighting yourself, nip along to a local salon and ask if they have a model night and have it done by a trainee. Itís very difficult to get an even result and maintain the hairs integrity and I have concerns you will be disappointed with the result. If you have it done in a professional salon they will be able to advise you on maintenance and aftercare so you can maintain your new look.

I do hope this helps?

Jena asks:
I want a rose gold & blonde balayage with brown roots. My hair is a faded teal havenít coloured in 3mnths. I have a 7lift bleach & ferias smoky pink. Iím just unsure how. Do I bleach all my hair except roots & balayage the pink in & leave blonde as is then purple shampoo whole head?

Antony LicataAnswered By:
Antony Licata
This sounds like a big job to tackle yourself at home, especially if you currently have faded teal colour on the hair, it could cause all sorts of issues. Seeing a professional would ensure a god finish. If your finances canít stretch to seeing a qualified colourist, why not look into seeing a trainee as a model? Most good salons offer this, youíll always be supervised and never normally pay more than product cost.

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