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Nadia asks:
A few years ago, my hair was very thick and grew very long, after that I had layers put in, after one month passed the growth was severely affected, and it seems to have stopped growing, also my hair became dry and started falling too, I am very worried about my hair. Please recommend a good shampoo, oil and diet. One more thing should I go for any hair treatment? I do not like to take oily foods, will they affect my hair health?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
To be honest diet wise the best food for healthy looking hair are oily foods such as fish etc. As far as treatments and products I would highly recommend the NIOXIN range which is arrange of shampoo and conditioners formulated for all hair types and give the most fantastic results.

Alex asks:
I love my hair its dark brown on the verge of being curly and wavy, no split ends normal thickness but loads of it, the only problem is I am really busy and it grows really quickly. So I’m getting it cut all the time and spending ages on it when getting ready, can you suggest a style that will grow out well?

Pierre AlexandreAnswered By:
Pierre Alexandre
It sounds to me you have the sort of hair most women would loose an arm for! Use your waves to the maximum and make the most of what you have got, suggest to your stylist about getting a full head of soft layers, this will take lots of weight out while emphasising your gorgeous waves, if you feel like your hair grows too fast have a little bit more off the length then what you would usually have this way you will feel you will get longer between salon visits. You don’t have to work hard with naturally wavy hair just simply invest in some good products why not try Loreal professional techni art natural liss, this goes on after shampooing and will form your hair into beautifully controlled waves without any tackiness feeling to the hair as its none greasy. Either leave your hair to dry naturally or gently diffuse it, once your hairs dried put 2 drops of Moroccan oil through the hair this will give the waves a glass shine finish

nicola asks:
I have several problems, my first problem is that i cannot find a hairstyle i am satisfied with i cant think of anything that i will really like and be happy with that sutis me i have tryed all hair colours because i darent cut my long hair off incase i dont like it. My other problem is i now have black hair using permanent dye so and i now want to change my colour but dont want to ruin my hair. please help!!

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It sounds to me like you need some guidance on what to go for when looking for a hairstyle as so far you haven’t found anything right for you. It also sounds as if you have always had long hair and could you possibly be just a bit bored of this and in need of a change? I say you should pluck up the courage and go for something different…you never know you might love it! Don’t panic as it can always go back to the way it was eventually if that is what you want but one style that I would suggest is a gorgeous flattering long bob. It is such a great look and a big trend this season. I would definitely recommend this style if you are wanting a bit of a change but still want to keep a bit of length as it’s not long hair, not short hair, but somewhere in between just above the shoulders. If you want to get rid of your black hair I would recommend dying it brown. Don’t worry this can be done at home as long as you’re careful and follow some simple rules. Firstly mix together water and lemon juice and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You will then need to wash your hair using a shampoo that is normally used to treat dandruff as this will strip the original black dye from your hair, once you have done this apply the lemon juice mixture for 5 minutes and rinse out. The dandruff shampoo and lemon juice can make the hair quite dry so I would suggest applying a leave-in conditioner after using them. You will then need to buy a hair dye removal kit available from Boots or a pharmacy, this contains chemicals that will strip your hair of any colour including the original colour of your hair; once you have used this your hair will resemble an orange colour that you will quickly want to get rid of! Rub a small amount of conditioner through your hair and rinse out. Once your hair is dry it is now ready for the permanent brown dye. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully on the back of the dye box and rinse out. Once you’re back to brunette I would recommend using my Colour Love Shampoo and Conditioner which act as deeply intensive moisturizers, to refresh and revitalize coloured hair. The luxuriously thick formulas will help to repair the damage and drying effects that colouring hair can cause…..keeping colour vibrant and hair in fantastic condition. Colour specific products are an absolute must for putting the moisture back in – I hope this helps!”

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