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Mrs J A Quinn asks:
Hi, 3wks ago I discovered a bald area about the size 20p on my 10 year old daughter scalp when I was doing her hair. I took her to the doctors and the doctor thought he could see the hair follicle and thought it would repair itself. She dances and has had a lot of competitions so he thought it might be from her wearing her hair up. I have been using nioxin products on her to try and help it and been checking her scalp every day and there has been no change. Should I take her back to see a doctor or do I just wait longer, I am trying not to worry her by not making too much of a fuss.

Deborah ChesterAnswered By:
Deborah Chester
Dear Mrs Quinn,

by the sound of your descrition it is Alopecia Areata, this is an auto immune condition .Auto immune means the body attacking itself this can be bought on by stress or possibly puberty.The follicles are dormant so may or may not recover. Small patches usually have a good prognosis and do recover! But this condition is difficult to give a defining prognosis. If the patch is in the hair line then it will be traction Alopecia from puling the hair tight so this should grow back once you stop pulling the hair so tight ...More >

.I hope this helps , for further advice on Alopecia contact Alopecia Uk.

Daniel asks:
I’ve been trying to grow my hair recently, what are your top tips for keeping it healthy as it grows?

Hayley Gibson-ForbesAnswered By:
Hayley Gibson-Forbes
A regular trim is essential for maintaining hair health, helping to keep the lengths and ends strong and free from split ends. However, unless hair is in very poor condition, there is no need to trim hair every 6-8 weeks while you are trying to grow some length. Stick to a trim every 12 weeks instead, and, in between trims, avoid the over-use of heated styling products. ...More >

Use a deep conditioning treatment on a weekly basis, and make sure that a good hair oil or restructuring product is part of your haircare routine. The Kérastase Résistance collection is a range of hair care products that fight the symptoms of damaged hair and will help to keep hair in optimum condition as you grow it out. If you don’t want to try the full range of products, incorporate either the Masque Thérapiste or the Masque Force Architecte in to your hair routine, once a week, to encourage weaker damaged hairs to repair themselves. The Sérum Thérapiste is also a great investment, as it helps to seal and heal hair and reduce the appearance of split ends, while protecting hair from heat damage.

If you’re struggling to see any increase in length as you grow your hair, Kérastase has an excellent range of products you can use to stimulate the growth cells on your scalp, so it’s worth investing in these to help with your problem. I recommend Kérastase Bain Stimuliste GL, which is an energising shampoo for hair prone to hair loss, and Kérastase Lotion Densitive GL, which will add texture and substance.

There are also a few lifestyle and diet tweaks you can make to ensure hair is in optimum health as you grow it. Try swapping a cotton pillow for a silk or satin one, to avoid overnight hair breakage, and be gentle when brushing delicate wet hair. Usually our hair growth is determined by our genes, however our diet and lifestyle can also have an effect on our hair growth rate. Stress, alcohol and excess sugar can all contribute to poor scalp and hair health. Foods thought to improve hair growth include salmon and organic eggs, which are both full of hair health-boosting protein and omega 3, oysters, which are rich in zinc, (a zinc deficiency has been linked to hair loss), avocado, sweet potato and almonds. There are supplements available at health food shops and online, which can supplement your diet with additional vitamins and minerals, if you feel you need some extra nutritional support.

izzy asks:
I always used goldwell topchic 11n & found I really suited it, I gave my hair a rest from colour for a couple of years but now Im ready for a change, I have green eyes, fair skin & my natural hair is dark blonde/light brown, would I suit an ash brown with blonde streak through my fringe & framing my face or what do you suggest ,by the way I love your hair growth products they are amazing thank you

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Izzy, I think you really are in tune with what suits you and your suggestion sounds great, just make sure the ash brown is only light or medium and cool colours tend to come up darker even on the same base level (natural colour).

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