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Molly Moore asks:
I was looking into dying my hair into a reddish colour but Iíve heard that itís hard to maintain and I was wondering how would you keep your colour lasting longer without splashing out so much cash on expensive brands that cater to coloured hair and to keep it soft?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

Reds are far easier to look after these days, there are lots of great colour shampoo and conditioners in a variety of shades which means you can actually change the red tones temporarily. They are available on the high street as well as professional salons. I would always recommend using shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair and a treatment mask monthly leaving it on and combing through before rinsing. In the summer months or whilst on holiday, leave in conditioner or styling products with sunscreen. Again high street and professional salons both carry all the relevant products so can be tailored to any budget. In a nutshell reds can last much longer with the relevant regime. ...More >

Hope that convinces you

Sarah asks:
Hi there,

I was wondering, well hoping, for a little advice please? I have been using B-Blondeís highlighting kit over a dark blonde / light brown base, with great results. However, I (stupidly) used a different product to bring up my roots (Líoreal) which at the time, I hadnít realised the significance of white Vs blue bleach, and I ended up with *very* yellow hair; I didnít panic (as I did years ago & give myself a chemical haircut) & after trying Provoke Touch of Silver shampoo to bring it down, I put a semi-perm platinum toner over it for 10 minutes which took the edge off but I was still an unpleasant shade of yellow.

I let it settle & then used the high-lift blue powder & 30% developer from B-blonde which although has lessened the worst of the bright yellow, has left my hair with the well-known banana skin yellow shade for the most of it, with some whiter streaks (around a 10, plus the yellow!).

I want it to be a more natural shade of blonde / blondes so was looking at my options. Unfortunately, I am not currently in a†position to go to the salon I was considering using a demi-perm as either a base & then use lowlights over the top in a couple or so shades, or to leave the base & just put a demi-perm toner over strands pulled through a highlighting cap to give it some colour & make it less íin your faceí. It wouldnít be *as* bad if it was white all over (although I had this several years ago when I was younger..!) but the yellowy tinge just isnít my style!

My hair fortunately is still in good condition & I have been soaking it in protein masks & conditioners, plus always use argan oil etc after washing - I donít blow-dry or straighten it either, and it does still look in good condition & feels good to the touch.

It is made slightly more difficult in that I have short hair at the back but is much longer on top - if that makes any difference?

Anyway, Iíve babbled a lot, so, please could you help? There is a Sallyís store down the road so Iím hoping to get the appropriate shades & developer from there but obviously would really appreciate some help along the way?!

Thanks ever so much for reading this in the first place!

Best wishes, Sarah

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Sarah

You seem to know what you are doing, I would suggest the easiest way to sort is to add a cool base demi all over, then 2 separate applications with the highlight cap of very low developer Bleach formula, and process for different amount of time in order to achieve 2 different shades. Keep up your treatment regime and revert back to your usual application once ready to do your roots. I would always recommend you go to the salon for something like this but I aware thatís not possible, so really good luck.

Brielle Sheaffer asks:

I have been researching for the past 2 months on perming my hair. I decided I wanted to take that chance and do it. I am mixed with black and white, so my hair likes to be difficult. I was not blessed with either thin and straight or curly and nappy hair. When I was younger I had curls, very curly all the way to the scalp... Almost spirally and tight, but as I got older straight hair was the BIG thing. After years of straightening my hair with a flat iron (specifically with argon oil), I decided to get keratin treatment to make it easier. I know itís not permanent, but it has been 5 years and my hair is either dead flat in some places or wavy in others. I am not afraid of change, and a perm is on the top of my list.

My worries: 1. I have tried getting colour in my hair, it did not last

2. I tried bleaching my hair (5 months ago) so I could color it a dark auburn on the bottom. It did not take! My hair is still as BLACK as ever.

3. Curling my hair with a hot iron works for the first 20 minutes, but itís flat before I even leave the house.

4. I have a fear my hair only likes being straight now, and I canít stand straight hair anymore.

I really want spiral curls, and I think it would look good with my Carmel skin and my black hair..

Are there any cases where perms literally donít take.. Even if the stylist knows what he/she is doing and if I follow the rules?

I donít want to be disappointed again when NOTHING takes again..

What do you think my solution is??

Thank you for hearing me out.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

I would go to a salon and ask them to do a strand test on your hair first, this is to make sure after all the different things that have been going on with your hair that it wonít be too damaged already to perm. ...More >

As long as they think your hair is strong enough and they use a gentle perm knowing that your hair did used to have a natural wave so allow the use of bigger roillers I think you will be okay. Hair is like fabric and if you imagine how our clothes look after being washed, tumble dried and ironed lots thatís what its like for our hair. It looses its original elasticity, and natural movement.

Use the best professional hair care products you can and leave the hair to dry naturally or use a diffuser with curl cream and see what happens after a few weeks perhaps before perming.

Chat to the salon about colouring too as Iím sure they will be able to help you.

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