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Bila asks:
Hi there I have below shoulder length extremely thick, frizzy and curly hair. I am a black but when I blow dry or brush my hair it goes into almost an Afro. I have tried to have different people cut my hair but they never seem to know what theyíre doing and usually try to straighten it before they cut it. I have thought about having it relaxed but I do really like my natural hair, itís just I donít know how to get it looking nice. Iíve used serums and oil and creams and nothing seems to tame the frizz. I also donít know what sort of cut I should get to make it look nice and also take some of the weight off. I want to keep the length and not have to cut it shorter. I hope you can help me.

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw

The most important thing of all is to start with a good hair care regime. ...More >

Make sure you are using the best you can afford of the following moisturising shampoo, conditioner, treatment masque, leave in conditioner, blow dry cream, oil or serum. Professional brands deliver the best quality and you need to use much less so they work out far more economical.

Make sure you use the masque every week; leave it on for up to 20 minutes with a shower cap or warm towel, alternatively you can invest in the ego professional therapy tool which helps the treatment penetrate deep into the hairs cortex and a matter of minutes.

Rinse then apply the conditioner and make sure you comb it through before rinsing again. Use the leave in conditioner as well as the styling cream and serum or oil all mixed together, apply to the mid lengths and ends of the hair then comb through again so that the product is evenly distributed.

I would then section the hair in a twist so that you can encourage the natural curl/ movement and then either use a diffuser on medium heat slow speed or leave to dry naturally.

If you stick to this kind of pattern your hair will get the moisture it needs as well as maintain and restore its natural texture, then you will have more options on re-styles moving forward.

Many thanks and good luck

Sam asks:
Iíve recently had my hair stripped so I could go to a grey colour.

Iíve applied the grey toner twice now and the grey isnít as visible as Iíd like because the warm tones have taken over. My hairdresser says the only way to go to a better grey is to have my hair stripped again but my hair is now far to dry to do this again, how can I get my here nice grey colour with out doing any more damage?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Sam

Unless the hair is light blond its really difficult to achieve the nice cool grey result. My suggestion is use some professional treatment repair products and get your hair into the best possible condition, this not only means you can have the hair lightened again but also that the toner will last longer in future. ...More >

Then use a cool base colour conditioner to try and neutralize the unwanted warm tones you currently have, then ask the hairdresser to try the grey toner again and ask for a recommendation on what you can se to maintain the colour best possible.

I really hope this helps?

Anna asks:
Terribly greasy hair! Iíve always had very oily hair but Iím so sick of having to wash it every day. I tried leaving it every 3 days before washing but had to use dry shampoo. After 4 months no change so I stepped it up! Now washing my hair every 5 days but 3 months on and my hair has made no progress. I tried using head and shoulders lemon shampoo for greasy hair and T-Gel greasy hair shampoo, I also bought silicone free shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo twice and only condition the ends. I donít use any hair products on my hair during the 5 greasy days but dry shampoo but my hair started falling out. After all this I still only get 1 clean day. I wash my hair and the very next morning Iím greasy, my hair is shiny and is clumping already! Is there anything else I can try? Iím so sick of my hair Iíve considered shaving it all off! Desperate woman here!

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman
Hi Anna,

With very greasy hair it would be well worth an appointment with a Trichologist who would look at the condition of your hair and scalp to see if there is any underlying cause for over production of sebum. Over production of sebum causes greasy hair! As the hair is falling out, you most definitely need to see a Trichologist.
The best treatment for greasy hair is to wash it every day, avoid conditioner other than to the ends and use a specially formulated shampoo that wonít exacerbate the appearance of the hair. Look for a product that contains silicone and oils. ...More >

Please donít shave it off! Get some professional advice from a Trichologist, see Institute of Trichologists for your nearest qualified Trichologist.

Hope that helps,

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