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Anna asks:
Terribly greasy hair! Iíve always had very oily hair but Iím so sick of having to wash it every day. I tried leaving it every 3 days before washing but had to use dry shampoo. After 4 months no change so I stepped it up! Now washing my hair every 5 days but 3 months on and my hair has made no progress. I tried using head and shoulders lemon shampoo for greasy hair and T-Gel greasy hair shampoo, I also bought silicone free shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo twice and only condition the ends. I donít use any hair products on my hair during the 5 greasy days but dry shampoo but my hair started falling out. After all this I still only get 1 clean day. I wash my hair and the very next morning Iím greasy, my hair is shiny and is clumping already! Is there anything else I can try? Iím so sick of my hair Iíve considered shaving it all off! Desperate woman here!

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman
Hi Anna,

With very greasy hair it would be well worth an appointment with a Trichologist who would look at the condition of your hair and scalp to see if there is any underlying cause for over production of sebum. Over production of sebum causes greasy hair! As the hair is falling out, you most definitely need to see a Trichologist.
The best treatment for greasy hair is to wash it every day, avoid conditioner other than to the ends and use a specially formulated shampoo that wonít exacerbate the appearance of the hair. Look for a product that contains silicone and oils. ...More >

Please donít shave it off! Get some professional advice from a Trichologist, see Institute of Trichologists for your nearest qualified Trichologist.

Hope that helps,

Ayushi asks:
I want to ask that how can I make my hair look better? Itís curly, bit dry, and mid length and I donít have a strong scalp. Should I go for a hair treatment like re-bonding?

Eva ProudmanAnswered By:
Eva Proudman
Hi Ayushi There are so many ways that you can improve the health of your hair and a combination of all would be my advice.

Include hair super-foods in your diet : I would recommend that you should include salmon, eggs, avocado, walnuts and blueberries in your shopping trolley to begin with. ...More >

You should also regularly visit a stylist who can trim your hair which will banish split ends and the ongoing damage that they cause.

As far as products go, in the first instance look for a very good professional product something like Nioxin would be ideal. Their intensive moisturising treatment is amazing at smoothing the hair and their whole range is about respecting and treating the hair and scalp.

I would also recommend that if you colour your hair, you seek professional advice to limit the damaging effects that a lightening process could have on your hair!

I hope this helps!

Best wishes, Eva

Michael Melone asks:
Hello, I am about to turn 18 this weekend, and I would really love a new hairstyle. However, I feel that no matter the haircut my hair seems to always look the same. Do you have any suggestions for a transformation look?

Kala KilshawAnswered By:
Kala Kilshaw
Hi Michael

Happy 18th Birthday 🎉 itís very difficult to suggest styles without being able to see your hair but my suggestion is to go to a couple of different hair salons for a consultation and say you are wanting a complete change, be prepared to try styling products as well because they can transform a hair cut. A good salon will spend some time with you or book you as a model with a sound stylist who can offer advice. My 23 yr old Son is a hairdresser in London and he does lots of complete changes itís all about the consultation and also asking for styling advice. Really good luck and enjoy your birthday.

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