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Ashley asks:
I have a double crown that peaks up and I just hate it! My hair is usually quite dry so I put leave in conditioner, serum or some spray on it to calm it down. Itís naturally wavy so I always leave it to dry naturally usually putting a twist in it to enhance curls I recently tried the sock doughnut overnight thing, the curls turned out lovely but my double crown was really noticeable - how can I curl my hair without heat or too much product that will keep my double crown flat?! Help!

AsgarAnswered By:
Longer hair will often help mask this problem as it will weigh the hair down. No matter what the length of your hair the alternative solution is inserting Velcro rollers to achieve your desired curl. Section the hair from the top of the crown into 20 sections depending on how thick the hair is in various directions and roll inwards towards the face. Start rolling from the top to the bottom of the hair to achieve a smooth finish. The hair that you are rolling should be as wide as the Velcro roller that you are inserting. After 1 or 2 hours in the hair, smooth out the hair with a paddle brush and although you didnít want to use too much product, gels and smoothing serums can help add weight to the hair and make them lie in the desired direction.

Nicole asks:
My hair is very thick, curly and dry. I used to wash, dry, and straighten it everyday and for the past year I have been getting blonde highlights regularly. Now my hair is weak and snapping off at a lot of the ends making my hair short and it feel likes straw and looks a mess, my hair feels a lot thinner. I got my hair trimmed and noticed it was quite damaged. I now wash my hair less regularly using a deep conditioner whenever I can and then let it dry naturally rather than put the heat on it from the hair dryer, I have been straightening it less often and using a heat protector spray when I do. I have not had anymore highlights for about 3 months. Because my hair is thick and curly I find that when I donít straighten it and tie it up even this is making the ends snap and breaking strands of my hair as they are all different lengths and with constantly straightening it my curls are now ruined and stick out all over the place so I cant leave it down. I was wondering if tying my hair up when it is curly be making things worse? Is there anything else I can do to help my hair? My hair is quite a long length so should I maybe get it cut a little? Is there a certain shampoo/conditioner or really just a product that will help my hair I could use?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Firstly you are doing all the right things by straightening and colouring your hair less, and using intensive conditioning treatments. I would suggest having your haircut a little more, but you should also consider having a keratin treatment, as this will help strengthen your hair and make the styling process a lot easier. At the same time carry on using heat protection products when drying or straightening your hair.

Nichola asks:
My daughter is 15 and has extremely unmanageable frizzy hair on the crown with tight curls underneath. She wants it chemically straightened, Iím worried about the risks. Our local hairdressing salon has been brilliant, they took four samples; the first two ífriedí the hair but the second two, using the mildest solution, appear to be shiny, and straightened hair. But, Iím still worried. Do you know what the long term effects are on using such strong chemicals? By the way my daughter is white/British with very fine hair (which is strangely waterproof too!) She had fine wavy/curly hair until she hit puberty, then her hair just went crazy. Iím at my wits end and just donít know what to do for the best. Please help. Thanks.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
Like all chemical treatments they can carry risks, from such as drying the hair, to the more extreme breakage. It is excellent that your hairdressers have carried out strand tests and if the mildest solution worked this is a positive result. Another alternative to consider is a Keratin treatment which a lot of salons now offer. This entails Keratin being put into the hair and the benefits are excellent shine and far more manageable hair. Also a by-product of this treatment is that it smoothes/straightens the hair but itís important to say itís not a straightening treatment, but it is a kinder way to treat the hair.

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