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Maxine asks:
I have shoulder length very fine hair and have recently had "double hair"extensions to give me length and vloume but i find that the top of my head still looks fine,flat and lifeless...the extentions start just above my can i get more volume for the top of my head?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Dawne says, "If you've had the extensions applied for volume then this really is what they should be achieving. Maybe go back to the salon and speak to the stylist about applying some additional extensions? Alternatively, you can use root boosting styling products that are compatible with extensions, then use a rounded barrel brush, take sections of your hair and blowdry against the root growth to encourage volume and height in that area."

Kathryn asks:
I am 18 and have coloured medium brown extra long hair which is not thick or thin, its in between and I want something different. I would like to go ash blonde with caramel foils underneath, but I do not want to look like Barbie. What else could I do and would stripping my hair be very damaging. I there another way?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It all depends on the condition of your hair, before you put any colour in the hair make sure that you condition and moisturise your hair. The prior preparation of the hair it is very important for us before any colouring service try J. F. Lazartigues moisturising mask, a great product. As for hair colour if the condition is ok and your hairdresser agrees with it, GO FOR IT !!

Joanne asks:
I have shoulder length fine hair which has a natural curly kink; over the past couple of years I have been using GHD strengtheners to get the sleek effect. Now that fashions are changing I have had a perm which I thought would give me big glossy curls. Unfortunately this has not been the case; my hair is not any curlier than it was before naturally. I am in my mid 30's so I also home dye my hair to cover greys. My hair is now a fuzzy mess, dry and dull. I've tried most of the curl shampoos, conditioners and styling products you can buy from the high street. Can you tell me the best treatments to use to get my hair back in better condition and also the best styling products to reduce the frizz.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Curly shampoos and treatments would make your hair crispier! Try J.F Lazartigue moisturising shampoo and conditioner and a little trade secret, after you shampoo and condition your hair mix 2tbs of Epson salt with half a glass of water leave it in the hair for about 5 minutes and rinse well. This contains magnesium salts that would revive your curl. I would also advise you to not use many chemical treatments at the same time as its to much for your hair to take it.

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