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Anne-Marie asks:
I have shoulder length thick wavy hair which often looks frizzy, I have tried different styles but have never found one that I really like I was thinking about getting a loose perm do you think this would be a good idea as I have a round face shape.

Diana DudasAnswered By:
Diana Dudas
In my opinion I feel that getting a loose perm will just add to your frizz problem. It will lift the cuticle and dry out your hair. May I suggest you using a good clarifying shampoo such as Razzamatazz clean start and then using moisturizing products that will encourage curl as opposed to a frizzy wave. Also Razzamatazz Jellee is an awesome product for de-frizzing and making wavy or curly hair soft and shiny.

Saja asks:
I am in my final year of hairdressing, and I have just done one of my friends hair at home. I used a Wella product she wanted a gold blonde and highlights. Of course the gold blond did not come out to light it was more like a 7/8, but the problem is she said the colour is very light. What colour do I need to use to tone it down? Would hazel blonde make it green?

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
Oh dear! My advice is not to colour friends hair at home but in future invite them into the salon or college for the training days/nights so that you have experienced people around you. I am afraid we do not use Wella in the salon so I would suggest you call the Wella helpline and have a chat with one of the technicians for advice.

Lee asks:
I recently cut my hair so that I have bangs, and the only thing is I do not know how to tame it so that it stays framed on face. It always seems to part to the side or in the middle, and I do not put to much gunk in my hair to make it look flat and stiff.

Richard WardAnswered By:
Richard Ward
The best way is to blow dry your fringe with a round brush to encourage it to sit in the correct position. You are right in that you should not use too much product. You do not need to wet the fringe, it can be blow-dried from dry and should only take a couple of minutes to do. Make sure you visit your hairdresser for a trim in-between visits because the fringe does grow out and most good salons will offer this service free of charge if you are a regular customer.

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