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Diane H asks:
What is a good product to combat frizzy hair caused by humidity.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
If you have problems with frizzy hair then a product must have for you would be my R U Taking Protection from humidity spray Humidity sends hair frizzy and wild, but one quick spritz from this baby directly onto dry hair is THE ultimate protection from frizzzzzzzzzzz, when humidity is playing havoc with your hair, this product acts as an umbrella. This innovative product is the daily defence against whatever crazy weather decides to throw at you. Perfect for popping in your handbag, this wicked little atomiser has a closing spray cap - to protect you from spraying your handbag instead of your hair! Spray at arm's length all over your locks before hitting the town . . . 3.99 - 75ml exclusively at Boots Love Lee

Fabia asks:
I would like to have hair extensions, I have already long hair but want it longer. Would it damage my hair?

Dawn CooperAnswered By:
Dawn Cooper
Not at all - as long as you visit an expert! Extensions should never damage the hair as long as they are applied and maintained correctly. A good salon will ensure you have a detailed consultation to ensure you are suitable and understand how to care for them once they are applied. Extensions can be high maintenance and you must be aware of this. Regular visits to the salon, daily separating of the bonds, using the correct aftercare products will all ensure your extensions look great and there is no damage to your natural hair. Call the Racoon stockist number for your nearest Racoon salon on 01295 770999.

Natalie H asks:
I have normal type hair and normally wash it 3 times a week without it getting greasy. I recently had stick in temporary hair extensions in for a wedding and took them out after a week, to get them out I was given an oil based lotion to rub onto the roots and slide the hair out, I used this and have washed my hair about 6 times on the trot and my hair is still filled with this oil product which makes it extremely greasy, how can I get rid of this?

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
I am sorry you have had such an awful experience with an oil based remover. When hair has been saturated with a oil based product, it really depends on the shampoo you use to help you strip the hair of the excess oil without leaving it dry. If you use a oil based shampoo or one with conditioner added, then you would be defeating the object. ...More >

I have used the following process and have found it works successfully.

a) Purchase a shampoo for greasy hair
b) Use a clean dry towel to rub your hair as though you was towel drying it.
c) Brush hair until smooth
d) Coat dry hair with shampoo and leave for 10 15 mins
e) Wash hair out with warm water
f) Towel dry again
g) Coat damp hair with shampoo and leave for 5 mins
h) Wash hair out with warm water thoroughly
i) Towel dry hair
j) Do not use a wash in wash out conditioner
k) Dry hair hair dryer set on cool
l) Spray in leave in conditioner (none oil based product)

If you find your hair is still a little greasier than what you are use to after following the above steps, wait for a couple of days and repeat step again.

Try not to use product with high conditioning contents until your hair has settled down.

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