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Mary asks:
I must have the curliest hair ever! think 80's perm and this is natural I manage to kind of control the frizz by using a gel and not a moose. I can not blow dry my hair or I would never get out the front door because of the thickness! I always have to leave it wet and dry naturally. I have been stuck with the same hair cut since I was a teenager. I have a few layers. My hair is about an inch past my shoulders and currently looks in bad shape. I need a new style and some tips on what products to use, to keep it looking curly and fresh. Instead of dry and straggly!

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
You need to have more layers cut into your hair which will make it easier to manage. You also need to treat your hair to some intensive treatments to get it back into condition. One of the easiest ways to tame curly hair is to shampoo, condition and blot dry, then apply serum from roots to ends then with a diffuser dry using a low heat and speed. Having more layers will make your hair easier to control. Also, to stop your hair frizzing do not brush it when dry as this makes it wild and uncontrollable.

Kelly asks:
I have very dry hair after having 2 children. My hair breaks very easily but then still has some elasticity to it. What do you suggest to help it stop being so dry and stop it falling out and breaking all the time, its past my shoulders and I want it too be quite long, what can I do to encourage this. I don not have lots of money so cannot afford to spend lots.

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
Use my R U Taking Protection from Breaking hair shampoo and conditioner distressed hair can snap and break! This is a common, annoying problem that can be caused by increased use of styling products, hot irons, and chemical colouring to name a few. This shampoo is formulated with milk protein to moisturise your locks, while vegetable protein acts as a powerful hair strengthener. The Vitamin E within the shampoo acts as a powerful antioxidant, which helps to prevent the onslaught of any day to day UV damage. R U Taking Protection from breaking hair shampoo also contains Vitamin A which provides nourishment for the scalp as well as Pro vitamin B5 which improves the condition of hair leaving it silky soft and glowing with health. 4.49 - 250ml

Giselle asks:
About 4 months ago I finished an intense 6 month chemotherapy treatment. Luckily I did not lose all of my hair but it did thin down. I have naturally curly hair but prior to having chemo I had it chemically straightened and coloured (this is before finding out about my cancer). Now my hair seems to be neither here or there. If I do not use styling mousses or leave-in conditioners it looks horrible, very frizzy and the top part is the new hair coming through and it looks wavy the bottom half is straight but looks very dry, when left out it is below shoulder length. I have tried numerous amounts of products recommended by hairdressers here in Australia, but none have helped. It is very depressing as prior to having the chemo my hair was extremely long (1/4 up from my backside) and plentiful. Any help that you can recommend will be greatly appreciated.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
I am sorry to learn of your illness and subsequent problems with your hair. Can I suggest that you cut your hair to perhaps bob length, treat it to lots of conditioning treatments, eat healthily and basically you will find in no time it will look and feel better. Good luck

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