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Laura asks:
I have recently read about the new straightening product available on the high street (Boots) which permanently straightens your hair. I am very interested in this as the Yuko system is too expensive for me (am a student!). I have highlights though which contain some bleach (half head). The product does not recommend use on coloured or highlighted hair, would it be safe to use? What could happen? I have dark blonde shoulder length thick hair.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
I do not know which product you are thinking of but I would not recommend straightening your own hair at home, this is a chemical process and needs to be done by an expert in a salon.

Danielle asks:
I am 14 years old and all my life I have had really thick hair and it really annoys me! I usually wear my hair curly (which it naturally is) but I would rather have straight hair but it takes well over an hour maybe two to do! I want to have it thinned but my mum says it will look odd because there will be chunks missing bit I am desperate should I go for it anyway?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
There are few things that can be done with your hair to lose a bit of that weight. There are lots of different techniques to thin your hair so you will not need to have chunks out of your hair. Why not invest in a good pair of hair straighteners and some good hair products.

Liza asks:
I recently got my hair cut, the longest part being just below the shoulders, and layers throughout, with a choppy fringe. My hair is very fine and soft, and feather-like, but this is not the look I am going for. I want a choppy, layered look, and I was wondering, what products should I use to get this effect? I am 15, and wash my hair in the evening, towel-dry, and go to bed. How can I achieve this look in the morning, when my hair is dry before school? Also, If I leave my hair out for a while, it gets very frizzy. Should I use an anti frizz serum of some sort?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I recommend for a choppy slept on look that you use a product called Label M Sea Salt Texture Spray, wash your hair as normal and spray it on evenly scrunch dry and leave this will give you a nice choppy look. If you find it quite fluffy in the morning then spray a spray shine on and ruffle the hair and add more sea salt spray in the morning to help achieve this look

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