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Sabina asks:
I have been dying my hair for about 2 years now. My natural colour is medium blonde. I first dyed my hair a medium brown, then dark brown and recently a black-brown colour which I think looks really good because I have dark eyebrows. For the past couple of weeks I noticed that my hair has been more frizzy and a lot of split ends occurred. It is also very dry. I want to let my hair grow back out but the problem is that it is going to look bad since its so dark and the roots are light. What should I do? I have tried many different products and currently using SunSilk hydra tlc. I really do not want to cut my hair, I have long hair about 2 inches to my elbow.

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I am worried what products you are using to dye your hair, as it is a darker colour that you have chosen I would highly recommend you to use a semi permanent colour. Try to apply the colour only every 6 weeks. There are two very good treatments that I could recommend: 1/ this perhaps the most luxurious and amazing treatment on the market it is expensive but its essential if you want to keep your hair

David asks:
I suffer from seborrhoic dermatitis which is worse in the Winter what products should I use to help.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Seborrhoic dermatitis can be classed as a severe form of dandruff. The main difference between this and common dandruff being that there is an underlying inflammation which renders the scalp tissues more tender and sensitive than with simple dandruff. Seb derm responds well to soothing and calming products such as the Scalp Improvement Shampoo. This is a blend of juniper tar, tea tree oil and thyme oil in a mild cleansing base. It clears scale and reduces the inflammation very well. Seb derm is often linked to diet and general health. Try to cut down on rich, fatty foods and make sure you are getting plenty of exercise. Generally, we tend to be fitter and have a healthier diet in summer than winter, these are possible reasons you notice the condition is worse in winter.

Kylie asks:
I asked my hairdresser to freshen up my hair colour last week by giving me light blonde highlights using foils. I am a natural blonde however I wanted it a little brighter. As soon as the foils were applied to my hair they heated up straight away and some even exploded? I have also had experience of my hair having a slightly green shade to it and green patches at the back of my crown. My hair no longer seems to be green but I do not understand why the colour will not take to my hair. Is there any products I can buy to apply to my hair or anything my hairdresser can do as we are both confused as to what can be affecting my hair like this??

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I would always advise a strand test before colouring your hair. The only reasonable explanation I could give you for this is that your hair contains some sort of metallic salts. Have you ever applied any colour or Henna to your hair that may contain metallic salts? If you have not, it could be that the water pipes coming into your hoes have some sort of metallic contamination that is affecting your hair and leaving deposits on it. We once had a similar case but as we test the hair first we were OK. It was very confusing as our client had not applied anything to her hair. We checked everything and eventually that client had her home water checked and thats what it was!

Jen Page, Disbury

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