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Estelle asks:
Hi there, I know there are lots of questions about frizzy hair on your site but I am literally tearing my hair out at this stage! Over the last few years my hair type seems to have changed, in to a generally frizzy, dry mess. I use seemingly good shampoos (Aveda etc.) and conditioners but I also use hair straighteners and I presume this is what is really drying my hair out as it can be in good condition when it has been first washed. I know I should be using styling products to protect my hair from heat styling but the problem is that I have a real thing about using only natural products (i.e. organic, sulphate free etc.) on my hair, and seem to be having difficulty finding a heat protection /anti frizz product that could help and meet my needs. I fear that I am my own worse enemy in this case and it is a viscious circle as I can not straighten my hair as it is too frizzy to leave, but the more I straighten it the more frizzy (and thinned out?) it seems to get. Can you help? I would be eternally grateful if you could many thanks, Estelle

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
From the moment your hair leaves your head it is dead, so Im sure it will not mind if the products you use are not organic! It is vital that you protect your hair when straightening and blow-drying as the extreme heat can seriously damage the shaft, and cause your hair to frizz. My P2Fifty Straightening and Blow Dry Spray protects your hair up to 250c and also delivers light control to tame flyaways. To repair the current damage I would recommend some conditioning treatments to replace the lost moisture in your hair. Try my Poker Straight Intensive Treatment it provides rigorous repair for your hair and is designed to fight the damaging effects of straightening irons whilst it refreshes, cleans and revitalizes.

Fay asks:
My friend had bleach blonde hair, someone training put black highlights on the underneath section, these have become a bluey grey colour. I am training myself and was asked to help out, she wants it bleached but as far as I am aware the black would not be able to be bleached out? Shall I go ever the black or is there any other advice? Thanks

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
Hi Fay:
Maybe you can do a strand test priory, but if the colour is already fading perhaps you can remove it, you can always do a "Modulat". This is a product that helps you to remove unwanted colours, make sure that you follow the instructions correctly.

Cindy asks:
I am 42, five foot seven and I have brown hair (naturally colour weaved) that is course, shoulder length and it is layered with no bangs. I have used lots of different products for volume and/or flip - they make my hair heavy, flat and oily. I have high cheek bones, also a wide jaw-line and I think a high forehead. What style do you recommend?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
I would advise you to go to a Professional salon and have a consultation, most salons do not charge for this. The stylist will recommend something that will suit you and personalise it to your specific needs. Then you can either book in or if you do not like what you are offered you can visit another salon for a consultation. At our salons we have extensive training on communication skills to find out what our clients needs and requirements are and also what will suit your face shape best. We also educate our clients in which products are best for their hair and how to use it. Then you can see the product work on your hair and if you like what it does then the products are available to purchase. As you say when you buy products it is a lottery as to how they will be with your hair, you can see how they work in the salon and go from there. We also have a policy where if any client is unhappy with a product they can exchange it without a problem.

Katie Dale, Wilmslow Jason

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