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Nicole asks:
My hair is falling out like crazy! I straighten my hair 5 days a week, and for about a year and a half it has been fine. About a month ago, it started coming out when I brushed it, straightened it, showered, and it will not stop! What can I do, besides not straightening it? Is there even a solution?

Jason JohnsonAnswered By:
Jason Johnson
Straightening your hair without the correct products is not going to help your hair condition but it certainly would not cause your hair to fall out! Are you under any stress at the moment?

Generally speaking, your hair will only fall out excessively if you have had a shock or under any stress. Did you know that on average we lose about one hundred hairs a day? Maybe you have always lost some hair but are noticing it more now.

Heather asks:
I have naturally straight hair. My hairdresser permed it for me 2 weeks ago and the perm dropped out, she re did the perm last week so it has now been done twice in 2 weeks, and yet again it has almost gone. She says she is loathed to do it again, but where does this leave me? 6 months ago the same thing happened, it took 2 goes to get it right but 6 months before that she got it right 1st time. She has kept a record and says she has used the same products. What do you suggest I do next please?

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I personally thing that you have way too much perm solution in your hair, YOU HAVE HAD 5 PERMS IN A YEAR!

There are a few problems that can arise as the result of a perm but you have 5 in the ends of your hair: ...More >

• Although some of the disulphide linkages re¬form during neutralisation, a proportion fail to do so and remain broken. The hair is thereby weakened.

• Where the cuticle scales fail to close up tightly again after perming, the hair is left with a roughened surface and weathers more quickly.

• Incorrect application of perming, straightening or relaxing solutions can dissolve the hair fibres or lead to breakage, usually quite close to the scalp. This kind of breakage almost never happens on the same day as perming. It is believed to be the result of either over-perming or poor neutralization.

I really seriously think that your hair can hold a perm anymore, you do need to do some Restoration of your hair try a treatment TANAGRA, call 08715204444 for more information about salons in your area.

Laura asks:
My natural hair colour is a light golden brown. For years I have been dying my hair a chocolate brown. However, recently it has become very dark and has made me look washed out. I was told to put a red tint in it to warm it up but this has not done very much. I have decided to go back to my natural colour but do not know the best way to go about this. I always thought colour stripping was extreme. I asked a hair professional and was told to use head and shoulders as this strips hair colour, but at this rate I will still be using it this time next year as it is having little effect. Is it possible to dye over my colour or should I take the plunge and get it stripped? I do not want lighter brown highlights in it as I was hoping to have something near my natural colour and perhaps some blonde highlights. Hope you can help!

Pablo AlvarezAnswered By:
Pablo Alvarez
I have two solutions:

A Have your hair striped with a product called Modullat this will get rid of most of the unwanted dark tones with the minimal damage. ...More >

B Have blonde High Lights put in now, the colour will make you immediately appear much lighter.

Whatever your choice, you will still having to moisturise your hair try the J F Lazartigue moisturising range

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