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Katie asks:
I have always had my hair cut by my sister, and then about 4 years ago had a perm, but then after a couple of years I got bored of it, and started to tie my hair back. Since my hair has become frizzy, dry, and my scalp very itchy. My hair now has no style in it, and is just truly awful. Recently, I have considered going to the hairdressers to have it styled, but do not know what style to get, and what products to use for my hair, as it is so frizzy and is very dry. Can you give me any advice on a style or products to use? My face shape is oval, and my hair is a bit longer than shoulder length, and I have a fringe.

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
First of all we have to concentrate on putting a suitable shape in your hair. In order to do this we have to consider what will suit your hair type and face shape. If your hair is quite frizzy and quite thick and you have an oval face shape it would be advisable not to keep your hair too long. A more flattering length would be shoulder length with long heavier layers to avoid a triangular shape (if your hair is big and frizzy). Adding longer layers and graduation would make the hair sit better around the face. A fringe is suitable if your face is oval, if you want it to open your face up then maybe the fringe could be connected to the length. This will create a layered look around the face making the haircut look more styled. At the same time this look will be easy to maintain as there will still be some weight in the hair. In order to improve the condition of the hair, it is extremely important to use products that add moisture and builds up the hairs texture. Start with a good shampoo as this has the most effect on the hair. A good moisturizing shampoo will tame the frizz. After this you will need a good treatment, this should be repeated once a week to give your hair a real booster for the dryness, use the Trevor Sorbie repair mask. Always use a good conditioner after shampooing as this closes the hair and helps to restore shine. Styling products are also very important as not only does it affect the look of the hair but also for protection from heat styling and environmental effects. Try to use products that protect your hair before using the hairdryer or irons, in the long term this will help to keep your hair in better condition and will make it easier for you to manage.

Amy asks:
All my life I have had coarse frizzy hair that I would brush straight despite its natural wave. Last year I got a body wave done that brings out some curls to it and I love it. Right now however I am interviewing for jobs and trying to get my long curly hair into a professional look. Any advice for keeping the length but still looking professional?

Andrew JoseAnswered By:
Andrew Jose
If your hair is wavy you need to manipulate the curls so they fall into loose curls rather than frizzy ones! I would suggest washing your hair with a curl defining shampoo and conditioner such as JLife Catch A Wave ...More >

After washing pat hair to get rid of excess water and use a serum based product for curls on the damp hair try. This will take the frizz out of your hair and help to define curls.

Then section hair and using your finger manipulate spirals, use a diffuser on your hairdryer to dry hair. You do not need to dry it completely! If you keep twisting your hair around your fingers it will guide the hair into nice loose spirally curls and after a few times of doing this it will be easier. This should give you as really nice look and is also a good look at the moment!

Selena asks:
What product or shampoo should I use to keep my scalp healthy because I had psoriasis.

Tony MaleedyAnswered By:
Tony Maleedy
Try Trichology Scalp Improvement Shampoo is excellent for treating psoriasis and other scalp problems. Not only does it get rid of the scale but it is designed to prevent the scale forming in the first place - particularly important with psoriasis where the emidermal turnover (the rate at which the skin cells form) is exceptionally fast and needs to be slowed down. This is the type of products which is used in hair clinics all over the UK to treat this type of scalp disorder.

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