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Jo asks:
Are Sulphate and paraben (SLSs) -free products better to use

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
Shampoo’s with these chemicals can be a main culprit for some scalp condition Lauryl sulphate is a cleansing agent, the SAME agent is used in household cleaning products such as bleach, spray air fresheners. If you have to wash your childs hair every day it is best to use sulphate (cleansing agents) and paraben(preservatives) free shampoo every time . It also would be perfectly fine to just run water over the hair too with no products and wash once or twice a week , depending on the type of hair (amount, thickness.)Parabens are preservatives and are only beneficial to the stores so they can buy in bulk and have a long shelf life . I’m presuming a bottle of shampoo lasts 4to5 weeks depending on how many and often it is used. ...More >

As to the safety of these chemicals they can dry out childrens hair and skin and sometimes cause irritation.

The chemically loaded products put artificial emulsifiers (to make a lather) and then a numbing agent , to eliminate the stinging if the lather gets in the eyes.

Look for natural and organic products with any of the following ingredients Aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E, coconut, almond sunflower

Sarah McCann asks:
Please please help me, I have blonde chin length bob, it is fine and very flyaway but also dry at the ends, I have to wash it and use straighteners every day or I couldn’t leave the house! Can you tell me what shampoo and conditioner I should be using as I need volume but also for dry hair and what products I should be using before I style my hair, also what temp should I be using my straighteners at and are the GHDs the best...thanks thanks thanks

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It seems to me that your hair is feeling the effects of heat styling from using hair straighteners every day. I would suggest using a shampoo and conditioner that is going to help re-hydrate your hair and help it to stay naturally straight and healthy so then you will find you don’t need to use the straighteners as much. In the long run this will mean your hair will be in better condition and will even give more natural volume. I suggest trying my Poker Straight Shampoo and Conditioner available in Boots stores. It will really help to tame any fly aways whilst at the same time the P2Fifty Complex within the formulation helps to prevent hair from excessive heat damage. If you have dry ends I was also advise you to use an intensive treatment once or twice a week to ensure you are conditioning your hair to the max and locking in lots of moisture. Hair technology has moved on a lot and now you can get straighteners which have titanium plates rather than ceramic which gives better results faster so you not only save time but cause less damage to your hair too. Maybe have a look online at some brands that offer this and check out My Poker Straight Super Hero Straighteners which offer the latest titanium technology plates. Remember to always protect your hair with protection mist before styling too!

Frustrated Mum asks:
Why is my toddler’s hair greasy even though i wash it every bathtime..

Marion BurnsAnswered By:
Marion Burns
An oily scalp is the bodies natural way of protecting that area. The oil is there to create an environment capable of protecting the scalp from factors such as sunlight, wind, and bacteria.The oil is called sebum and too much on your child’s scalp can be attributed to a couple of things.

Over washing, can stimulate the scalp and prompt it to produce even more sebum, so lots of washing means lots of grease(roots) but it can also dry out the ends and then create combination hair .Production of grease can also be affected by a diet lacking in essential fatty acids found in salmon , walnuts , flaxseeds so this could be a factor. and hair , particularly childrens delicate follicles do not require such stringent cleaning. Dehydration, so lots of water or fluids. Excessive brushing can also over stimulate the scalp and cause the scalp oil to travel down the hair lengths , so a softer brush is a good option .Always start at the ends and work up when brushing.So hair brushed a couple of times a day is fine , it also gets the child used to it.But picking up a brush every time your toddlers hair is out of place is not nessicary just use your hands to smooth it down if it appears messy to you.

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