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Rachel asks:
I have very long frizzy-curly hair. It is neither curly nor straight so I have to style it which is really drying it out. Mousses and products used to curl it make it like straw and straightening splits the ends and this is really thinning my hair out. I need to know the best products to use as deep conditioning products leave my hair feeling greasy and flat but without it is frizzy!

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
It seems to me that you have to spend a lot of time and tremendous effort in styling your hair. You say your hair has a tendency to frizz and neither goes curly or straight. I am convinced that your hair length and cut is totally wrong for your hair. With the right cut, you should be able to wear your hair curly or straight with ease, and not have to fight with it like you do. I would find yourself a great hairdresser that understands your type of hair and get the cut right. Then you will have to re-assess the styling products after your new cut, as styling will be far easier and less stressful. You will still use curling, anti-frizzing products but will not have to use half the amount that you have been using to create a great finish on your hair. Treatments and conditioning products will not flatten your hair as before. So get your cut sorted out and the products will follow.

Vanessa asks:
My daughter has thick hair but has a layer of frizz at the sides of her head which she has become very conscious of at the age of 13. The only way she can control this is to brush the hair on top around the sides to hide the frizz and tie back in a ponytail. She is definitely not happy with her hair and I would love to help her. Please could you suggest a suitable brand of shampoo and conditioner that would help calm this frizz?

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Sebastian has a fantastic range of products called Laminates. The shampoo and conditioner in this range is perfect for your daughters problem. This will not only help reduce the frizz problem but will without doubt give a fantastic, beautiful shine result just like the title of the range itself

Sharon asks:
I am a black British girl living in Melbourne Australia. I have had dreadlocks most of my adult life but shaved them off over a year ago and have regrown my hair for the past year with help from braids. I am now stopping the braiding and will be giving my hair treatments up until Christmas to get it into good condition as I want to keep a natural 2-3 inch funky dreaded afro (kind of like Gary Dourdan in CSI. I may have to ask a European hairdresser to colour it as there are very few Afro Caribbean hairdressers here. I want to colour it brown going into a goldy blonde on the ends. How would they do this? Would they just use bleach? Can I use a semi permanent instead to do less damage to my hair? And what products do you recommend I/they use? My hair is fine but there is lots of it so it is pretty dense and thick.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
I can recommend the product Dark & Lovely by Softsheen and Carson for taking your hair colour up to the shade you want. Just click on the link to view the different shades you can purchase.

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