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Michelle asks:
I have quite short hair for a girl, but I want my hair to be messy and spiked out in places, I know how I want it but I cannot find any good products to help me do this they either make my hair all horrible feeling and flat or they just do not hold.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
The most important part of any styling is your hair cut. If you have a short crop and want texture and spiked hair with ease then the best way to achieve this with any product is to ensure your hair is texturised correctly. ...More >

I would recommend having your hair bladed so that the bulk weight is reduced from the last 3rd so your styling will be simple.

LOreal tecni art web will be excellent for this style, you can also mix hair spay with the web in your hand for a slightly stronger hold if you wish.

Expand the web in your hands so the fibers fall onto you hair then move it into place and style with ease.

Jo asks:
Getting married in Cyprus in June need to have another op following brain surgery in February so will have a bald patch at side of head. I have long hair so if parted on side this will be covered up, how can I ensure hair will stay up, in heat and cover patch? Plan to take it down at night and curl it. Would be very grateful for any tips or advice on good styling products/techniques.

Charlotte MurrayAnswered By:
Charlotte Murray
My advice would be to ensure your hair is prepared and set well with heated rollers. Rather than wearing all your hair up, you could wear your hair half up and half down using flowers, crystals to decorate. This will give you more confidence that the hair will stay in place and look good all day. Have a trial with a hairdresser at home and take lots of pictures to show your stylist in Cyprus. There are many fabulous large sparkly hair slides/combs to accessorise your look and can disguise any areas that need extra help. ...More >

You could use a small hair piece but that should be applied by an experienced hairdresser for your complete security.

Very best of luck to you.

Have a fantastic day.

Hina asks:
I am 30, Mother of 2 I used to have very long hair but now my hair is very dry, damaged, fine and frizzy even after using straighteners it is flyaway. My hair highlighted too!. I went to Boots last week and saw your products but I did not know which one to buy, I bought mature hair shampoo and conditioner and creame serum with protein please, please tell me what to buy?

Trevor SorbieAnswered By:
Trevor Sorbie
May I suggest that first you go to a salon and have a haircut to remove any split ends or broken hair. If you use the products you have purchased as directed then you will see an improvement in your hair. May I suggest that you use the intensive conditioning treatment once a week. Leave it on your hair while you have a bath so the nutrients can infuse the hair. Please also check that your brushes and combs are not damaged, if they are they could be damaging your hair. Also, are you tying your hair back in elastics, if you are, this could be causing damage. Try using other products called Repair and Protect which are new and may help you restore your hair to its former glory.

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