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Andrea asks:
My sister has very thin hair you can see her scalp through it, she is very upset by this is there any style she could have to make it look thicker.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Firstly, there are hair thickening products on the market which will make here hair noticeably healthier and thicker. If your Sisterís hair is fine I would not go for a all one length style as it will lay flat to her head. Have a look at the style gallery for images of hairstyles she likes and take them along to your professional hair salon for a consultation. Any style with layers will add volume yet be cautious as if the layers are too short it can have the opposite effect.

Steph asks:
I have been having blonde highlights over my naturally mousey brown hair for 4-5 years and was really blonde. I decided to go brown and wanted a light warm brown but the hairdresser told me to get the coverage over all the bleach I have had on I would need to go darker. Now I have dull dark brown hair which I hate. This salon is the best in my area. I had it done yesterday and have phoned back today, she said the only option is to have highlights put through but I hate having different colours in my hair. I just want to be all 1 colour, a light brown. What can I do without stripping it? My hair is in okay condition, despite the 4 years of bleach.

Beverly CAnswered By:
Beverly C
Unfortunately you were totally misinformed by your salon - it may be the best but has no idea of colour. When you have bleached lights and wish to go to a warm light brown, all that is necessary is to have a Red colour wash through the hair before the brunette is applied Ė this ensures that the colour is even and warm and prevents the hair from looking almost green in colour. It is a simple and easy colour service. The only thing you can do to rectify it is to have the colour removed - which sounds drastic but it is very simple if the colourist knows what they are doing - there is a product out there called Eraser by Affinage - this removes artificial colour without any bleaching process - it takes 15 mins and leaves your hair feeling amazing. You need to lift the colour out until the dark brown is lighter then have your light warm brunette put through. Find someone who knows what they are doing.

Sarah asks:
I straighten my hair with GHDs every morning and it is pin straight but as soon as I walk out the house it goes all flicky, it really annoys me how it never stays straight, also I donít want to straighten my hair everyday because I know its really bad for it, but I find myself having to, is there any other alternative?

Gina AkersAnswered By:
Gina Akers
You could try straightening your hair in a different way such as using a hair dryer and brush, this is a great alternative to using hair straighteners all the time and you may find that your hair hold the style better. If you need extreme hold for your style ensure you use a strong hold hair spray such as TIGI Hard Head, but donít use too much otherwise you can end up looking over styled. When using hair straighteners donít keep going over the same hair twice, it is much better to go over each section of hair once slowly then keep repeating the process on the same area. Always use heat protecting products before using any heated appliance on your hair, TIGIís Extra Extra Straight is great for getting sleek smooth straight hair and give good hold too. Your hair going flicky may be caused by humidity and using styling products such as TIGIís Extra Extra Straight will help combat this.FHI hair styling use a technologically advanced ceramic heater which allows the hair to be straightened from the cortex (the very core of the hair) outwards, while sealing the cuticle flat, this is thought to be the most healthy way to straighten hair. In addition the irons use ionic technology which directly infuses negative ions into the hair to leave hair more moisturized and in better condition, feeling softer and silkier and looking shinier. From time to time you must give you hair a break from the high temperatures. Maintain strength in hair by using Proto-col supplements boost for hair and promotes stronger new hair growth that way you can use your straighteners from time to time as well. You can also keep your hair strong by using intensive conditioning treatments on a weekly basis You could also try a different hair style, textured looks may work really well with your hair type and are very stylish and funky at the same time.

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