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Melissa asks:
The hair around my fringe area is forever getting finer and breaking almost like a baby and when I comb through, it feels very rough and tatty. What products can I use to condition it and will this area of hair grow back?

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
I canít tell you if it will grow back or not. Maybe you might want to get a different kind of fringe cut so that it can look thicker, as for product try Paul Mitchell's Intense moisture as a conditioner.

Tony asks:
When I braid my hair I have to take it out in two days cause of the smell, it smellís like sweat and odour, I cut my long hair and it still smelt the same so I let it grow again, itís long but stopped growing and a lot of hair keepís falling off, I have tried lots of different shampoo nothing works can you help me!

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
Without seeing your hair, we would need to take some of the following into consideration which might be contributing to the odour you are experiencing. ...More >

Greasy scalp
High activity sport
Using oily products
Hair extension type used for braiding
Condition of your own hair prior to braiding.

I would recommend the following before you start braiding your hair, wash it with a shampoo for oily hair and condition it with a conditioner for dry hair.

Use a good quality synthetic hair for braiding your hair and request that the braids are not too thick or too tight.

I would also purchase a good quality leave in spray conditioner like V05 miracle mist (non greasy). Do no use any oils or hairspray on your head. Twice a week gently wash your hair with the shampoo for oily hair, towel wrap and then leave to dry normally.

Braiding hair was used several hundred of years ago to keep hair neat, free from head lice and manageability in hot weather. It is usually uncommon to be experiencing odour and smells just after two days, this would normally follow several weeks later if hair had not been tended to.

Sami asks:
I never have enough conditioner in the hair dye box. Can I just use normal conditioner to seal the process at the end, like regular conditioner I would use anytime after washing, or does it have to be colour seal. Is there a difference? I dye my hair with Herbatint, but the Royal Cream conditioner they sell is really expensive.

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Using the after care products supplied with the colour is the best option. But, if you feel the price is too expensive? Is it really when it is looking after the investment you have put in to colouring your hair and keeping it in tip top condition? L'Oreal Professional has some fantastic colour treatments that will look after you colour. Visit a professional salon near you for good after care advice. Keeping the tone and condition of your hair after any chemical service is vital to maintaining your colour result to its maximum.

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