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Kayleigh asks:
My hair is just below my shoulders, with blonde highlights and tends to become greasy a day after washing it, it feels greasy and looks very lank and oily. I have naturally curly hair so even if I leave my hair to dry without using a hairdryer after washing it, still feels greasy on the roots and dry on the ends. I would like to wear my hair curly, but can’t as the ends go frizzy and dry. I use L’Oreal shampoo for ’hair that tends to get greasy quickly’ but it doesn’t help, I also use a hot oil treatment on it once a week, and heat spray when I straighten. Please help me find affordable hair products that will help with my problem.

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
There are few tips that hopefully will help with your situation. Firstly try to wash your hair with luke warm water and not hot, as hot water can make your hair go greasy quicker. Also hot oil treatments and conditioning treatments can make the hair oily as well, try to apply them to the middle lengths and ends and avoid the roots and scalp at all costs.

The product I would strongly recommend is Wella System Professional 1.7 Regulate Shampoo and 3.7 Regulate Mask as these are specifically designed for your situation.

Yvonne asks:
I have very dry hair and have had chemical straightening done about 6 times, I use straightening irons every day, my fringe has not grown for a couple of years, I really need this to grow can you please help.

Diane ShawAnswered By:
Diane Shaw
If you have very dry hair, you need to use products that will rehyderate it everyday. I recommend you use one of the leave in conditioners such as V05 miracle mist. Spray it on every morning and before you go to bed. I also recommend you cut down on the chemical straightening treatments, if you are having six treatments within a 12 month period; this will cause too much distress to the hair follicles and compound your hair drying out even more. Try to cut it down to about one every quarter. Using straighteners everyday is not a good idea, especially if you are not using a heat protections spray or cream. Try every other day, always protect your hair before applying heat and try to use straighteners that have a gauge so you can use a cooler setting. Hair extensions could help to protect your hair if applied correctly. For instance the integrated weave would result in sections of your hair being braided away, so your hair could have a rest and then you could look after the hair extensions instead. The integrated weave helps to encourage hair growth in most instances. With regards to your hair not growing, I believe everyone’s hair grows, but because your hair is very dry and perhaps brittle, it will probably be breaking at the ends quicker than it’s growing. Apart from following some of the advice above, try taking some vitamins for your hair.

Hayley asks:
I have longish hair that is coloured from my natural mousy brown to a mahogany red/brown. I have always used colour protect shampoos, but recently my hair has started to get very frizzy. I was wondering if you think changing to anti frizz shampoos will ruin my colour or if you could recommend any products I can use?

Lee StaffordAnswered By:
Lee Stafford
It sounds like your hair needs some TLC! 90% of us suffer with dry, brittle or frizzy hair as our hair is lacking in moisture. It is imperative to allow moisture to get inside the hair follicles to achieve smooth, shiny and healthy hair. This can only be achieved by continuing to protect hair from chemical and environmental damage. I don’t think you should stop using a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner as they really are the best thing to use to protect coloured hair whilst also helping to restore your moisture levels. . If you find that your hair is going frizzy then I suggest that you start using an intensive treatment on your hair regularly as this will help to repair damaged follicles, improve porosity, elasticity and general health and appearance of your hair I also suggest giving your hair a regular treat like my Hot shots 2 Minute Miracle. It restores the moisture balance in your hair whilst stimulating and increasing circulation. Basically what this means is that your hair follicles can absorb more nutrients, improving the growth rate and the health of your hair. So you can banish the dreaded frizz. To keep your hair a gorgeous rich mahogany colour you should continue to use a shampoo and conditioner that protects the colour. My Colour Love shampoo and conditioner would be perfect for your hair, as its gentle formula is designed especially for over-stressed coloured hair The shampoo is formulated with UV filters to help give longer life to coloured hair, so rather than washing the colour out, you are washing much needed love and care in. Finish off with the ultra nourishing conditioner and your hair colour will not only be safe but will sparkle with health!

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