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Katie asks:
My hair is shoulder length with a fringe, short layers and a double crown. I want to grow my hair longer but I donít know if it would suit my oval face and whether my hair would look too flat- as I have very fine straight hair. Do you have any suggestions for styles that may suit me, and whether I could wear my hair long?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
In theory as the ideal face shape is oval, most styles will suit. Because your hair is fine you might want to keep some layers, as one length hair inevitably makes the style look flatter. An excellent product to use would be Sebastianís Thickefy foam.

Shane (Miss) asks:
I am a white female and have immensely curly, frizzy hair, I am 36 and I can honestly say it has affected my life I have tried the Brazilian Keratin treatment (at HOB in Loughton)) which made it easier for me to style straight although only once or twice and my hair fought desperately against being straight and looked rubbish by the following morning. Can you suggest anything? I have never had my hair chemically straightened before and wonder if this is the way I should go? I have heard about the IHR - is this the best one?

Darren MessiasAnswered By:
Darren Messias
I think the first port of call is to book a consultation with a reputable hairdresser to discuss your options. There are some brilliant professional formula products that can help - we really like Sebastianís potion 9 - a leave in rich moisturiser.

Before booking a chemical process it is of paramount importance to establish the condition of the hair and whether you have colour on at the moment. The process we use in our salons is Wellaís Wella strate.

Angie asks:
I have bleached and used hi-lift tints several times in the past 2 weeks. Prior to the last application I applied a protein treatment. My hair is not breaking but now my hair is excessively sticky and greasy. Is it product build up or extremely damaged hair?

Akin KoniziAnswered By:
Akin Konizi
The most likely is cause of your excessively greasy and sticky hair is that the treatment you have used is too heavy for your hair and as a result, the product has overloaded the hair and made it feel this way. This can be easily removed by shampooing your hair and using a normal conditioner.

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