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Milly asks:
I have been dying my hair with the same hair dye for the last year. Itís a blonde colour and some parts of my hair go blonder than others, which does look nice, as it looks like it has been highlighted. Then the other day after showering I noticed the whiter parts in my hair had gone blue! So I recently dyed my hair a darker blonde (golden blonde) and the parts which were blue are now a greyish white colour. Do you think that the shampoo or conditioner has affected my hair? Or do you think it could be the dye?

Matthew DavidAnswered By:
Matthew David
It could be for a number of reasons for example shampoo, conditioner, styling products etc. However it seems as though when these light colours are applied over a period of time colour on top of colour it can build up an awful lot of ash, hence you may be seeing a greyish colour. All the best.

Helen asks:
Question: I have fine fair hair, which I wash daily. Itís a little wavy and quite dry. A week ago my roots suddenly clagged. When my hair has dried (I let it dry naturally), the roots are stuck together in clumps, and still look wet. It looks awful and feels awful, and even though Iíve tried medicated shampoos (including tea-tree), it isnít getting any better. Iím 35, not pregnant, on the pill and donít have children. Could this be hormonal or something else? Itís never happened before, and I donít know what to do!

Jason KearnsAnswered By:
Jason Kearns
Hi Helen - I canít see any reason for this at all, you need to trace back! Did you change the products you were using (shampoos, conditioners) if so maybe you need to go back to them? Could it be a styling product thatís doing it? Did you change your pillow cases from cotton to a synthetic kind? The other option is to go see your doctor.

Asma asks:
I have got long hairs which are very difficult to manage, my hair is frizzy, curly I canít do any style so I just tie it up. Could you solve my problem without using iron or dryer!

Gary SunderlandAnswered By:
Gary Sunderland
Every hairstyle has to have some time spent on it (apart from mine that is!). If you would like to wear it curly and control the unruliness of it I would suggest having a weave cut that provides layers within your hair cut of varying lengths. This is a fantastic way of bringing the best out of curly hair and providing more control. Mix together conditioner and gel in your hand (small amounts of each) and apply sparingly to you hair with your fingers. Then comb through and shake your hair to establish the curl. Either leave to dry naturally or use a diffuser if you do not have time. If you do like your hair straight then I would recommend a professional platform iron . I know you do not want to have to use an electrical product but this product will breeze through your hair. Your hair does not have to be totally dry it can be damp. Please slide the iron through each section in a slow smooth operation that we call ONE PASS. This will allow the re-conditioning properties of the product to moisturise and add immaculate shine. Not only will your hair look fabulous but it will last quite a few days. As straightening irons go the NEW FHI with Nano Fuzeion technology will actually care for your hair compared to other products and definitely help eliminate your problems.

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